Monday, December 31, 2007

We have moved!

It took me about two days to clean and reorganize the Puppy Room, but they have been moved from our office to their new digs! Yeah!! They seem very comfortable, don't you think?

Aren't they growing? I love these sweet heads and coats. :+)

More sleepy heads.

You can see here that they are on a blanket and the 'bathroom' is on top of the blanket in the corner. They really do try to move there, but don't have the ability yet to go very far before 'letting go' - hence, lots of laundry. But you need to begin training as soon as possible. In a day or two, there will be wood pellets in the tray instead of newspaper.

Another view. Annabelle insists on her babies having stuffed animals to 'keep them company'. So, it does add to the laundry chore. :+(

There will be many configurations of their space as they grow. Eventually, most of the room will be their playground and hopefully, if Mother Nature permits, I will get them to use the doggie door to go out!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

We like gruel!

The introduction to food is a pretty messy process as you can see! The first trick is to smudge some of the gruel onto their little noses to entice them.

Then you get a larger bowl that allows them to crowd around in.

Once that is done, they really get the idea and begin to 'dig in'!

Of course, there is a 'porker' in every group and this guy is one of them!!

I believe they are full. :+)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two Weeks Today!


Well, we all made it through Christmas and now we await the New Year. This morning, after doing their daily Early Neurological Stimulation series and weighing, I put all new larger I.D. Bands on them. They are growing rapidly and all but #8 are 2 lbs. or over. They are trying to become airborne, but most still roll. :+) Annabelle is doing her very best to keep them full and satisfied.

Those who have opened their eyes today include numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. I bet by tomorrow morning the rest will venture to see the world around them.

Here is a shot of one little 'porker'!

I no longer have a heating pad in the pool as their lovely coats (and sibling cuddles) keep them 'just right'.

By the time they are three weeks, they will need new collars and those will be color coded rather than numbers. They are all doing marvelously. :+)

By the way, I am still looking for two local Guardian Homes for two females. Please read about Guardian Homes on the AnnaBlog's left Index. Thanks!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

...and all were nestled fast asleep in their beds....

Santa is watching them closely. :+)

They sure like to snuggle!

Dont' they look perfect on this chair near the tree? Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Assorted pics of the litter taken this week.


The pups and Annabelle are doing very well! All the pups are gaining and most are already at a pound a piece. Can you imagine eating enough to feed nine????

In the photo above, you can see they are quite satisfied and warm. :+)

In this shot, the camara angle was able to show the lovely fleecy waves beginning to develop on this black puppy.

One of Annabelle's trademarks is the necessity for her to have some of her stuffed animals in with her litters. For some reason, these are like her security blanket and she has never failed to include them!

After 'eating and feeding' both Annabelle and pups take a nice nap.

This was taken this morning. Annabelle is in this position many times per day and night. She is an excellent mom. Thank you, Annabelle. :+)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here are the THREE girls for your viewing pleasure. :+)

Like the boys, all the girls are gaining weight and scramble for the comfort of the heating pad when mommy isn't around to coddle them. (not in sequential order)

This is 'Clara Belle' who will be retained for our breeding program to produce apricots and partis for the future. She is #7.

This little girl is #4 and I am considering keeping her as well because I love silky, fleecy black doodles and if she continues to catch my eye, she will be added to my program. Of course, both girls will be placed with Guardian Homes that live close to me to enjoy the life of a pampered pet. If any locals are interested, please let me know! :+)

#9 was the last born at 10 ounces. She has white under her neck and three of her feet have a bit of white on them too.

Here are individual shots of the boys.

They are three days old, gaining, crawling and enjoying the warmth of the heat pad when not nursing!

Baby #8 - Well, here is an interesting blooper! Upon closer examination, I have found that this pup above with the pink collar is going to have some identity issues, since she is a 'he' and he should be in a YELLOW ID band, not a pink one. (BLUSH!) Thankfully, all his sibling still have their eyes closed and no one is the wiser. (except me, of course!) That makes six males and three females.

Baby #1 - male will be a pale apricot at maturity.

Baby #2 is a bit deeper apricot in color than his brother above.

This is Baby #6 who has two white back toes, a small patch of white on his chest, and a 'cute as can be 'goatee' that you can't see yet.

Baby #3 that will be a solid light apricot.

Baby #5 has a large white chest patch and 4 white feet. The white on the feet many times goes away as they mature.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Annabelle is tired, but happy to have all her babies delivered.

As you can see, we have NO CHOCOLATES! I knew this was a possibility, and confirms the findings of the PID genetic company I used to confirm or disprove the previous company's color formula.

And yes, Annabelle produced a lovely apricot/white parti female that I now will have a very hard time deciding which one I want to add to our program - her or the black female. Oi Vey!!

It will take a few more weeks, but I feel that this litter are all fleece coated. This means all their coats will favor the coat type of Rumple and Willis on the website. Of course, there could be changes, but for now....this is my prediction.

The whelping was quick once it started at 9:20 PM. Annabelle finished whelping the last pup at 12:18 AM - so just about three hours to deliver 9 babies!

This morning Annabelle feasted on chicken wings and goat's milk laced with supplements and vanilla ice cream. :+)

Puppy Identification:
  • For a week or so, the pups will have yellow bands for the boys and pink bands for the girls. All the bands are numbered according to their delivery into the world.
  • Puppy #5 is a black male with a large white chest mark.
  • Puppy #6 is also a black male with a small white chest mark, and a tiny white goatee.
  • Puppy #9 is a black female with a white mark under her chin and white back toes.
  • Except for the parti female, the others are solid in color upon inspection with these tired eyes! :+)
  • They were all between 10 and 11 ounces at birth except little #8 black female who tipped the scales at 8 ounces!!!
I will add more pics, so keep watching!! I am taking a well deserved rest along with Annabelle.

Friday, December 7, 2007

A 'full tummy'

Annabelle has been getting lots of belly rubs. She is in this position more often than not. She is taking the stairs slowly these days and is constantly looking for a spot outside to have her pups! Thankfully, it is very cold and she decides to ditch the idea!

We have her whelping area ready which is under my desk in the office where it is dark, warm and comfy. :+) We are counting down the days!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annabelle's 'Wide Angle'

This morning I saw Miss Annabelle enjoying the fresh air and noticed the 'width' of her. Remember people, I just clipped her to less than an inch of fur - that bulge is BABIES and we still have two weeks to go. Oh my! :+)

Here is a closer view of her. I sure hope there is enough of them to go around - as I want one too and always get first pick! I am very interested in keeping a fleece coated black female, if one appears.

There is a very good chance that this MAY be her last litter. She is a great dog and I want to be sure that her legacy goes on for future generations. As a breeder, you can't keep all the puppies, but you sure want to be able to stagger breedings so that you will always have your lines producing. :+)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maple Sugar came for a visit yesterday!

Maple is certainly growing and will more than likely have a coat like her mommy, Annabelle. It is sticking straight out at the tips, but when you look closer to the darker roots, they have 'zig zags'. This tells me she will have a curly coat but not a 'kinky' one. :+) Of course, the color and face is all her dad, Trout!

She is going to be a nice sized medium and has wonderful boning - of course, the tip of white on her tail is just the berries! I love it!!

Her intended, when testing is finished and maturity reached, is Smitty and I can't wait to see what adorable babies they will produce. For now though, I am simply enjoying her visits. :+)

Annabelle has about two more weeks to go!

Hi Everyone!

I just clipped Annabelle so that her coat will be easier to manage after her delivery. She is about an inch long her on her body. I keep her head and legs a bit longer because I simply like it better. :+)

There is no more 'tuck up' area under her belly - she is simply very round. I am hoping that on December 5th, we will be able to know (at least the best guess) how many she is having. I will certainly post the results. Till then, I know that all of you are wishing Annabelle a speedy delivery and a healthy batch of 'puppadoodles'!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Annabelle is DEFINITELY pregnant! WAHOO!


It was a very exciting morning to view the Ultra Sound and watch those tiny hearts beating away! They are barely 'connected' but you can visibly see the hearts 'blinking' - a miraculous view. :+)

Dr. Luther, who works the machine, said she definitely saw at least 6, but believes there are more. So an x-ray later in Annabelle's pregnancy will give me true numbers.

Annabelle was an absolute sweetheart wanting to 'introduce' herself to everyone in the waiting room - be it animal or people. She also stayed very still during the exam.

Now, we all wait for the whelp of her precious babies! :+)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maple Sugar leaves for her Guardian Home tomorrow.

I really don't know who will be sadder - Maple, me or my husband Carl. Maple is such a character and I will really miss all her antics. My husband really bonded to this little girl and will miss how she would greet him so happily everyday and sit patiently for him to give her bunches of pats and kisses.

Maple, along with Mommy Annabelle, Auntie Harriet and Cousin Willis enjoyed romping in the house & yard; playing 'toy take away'; and waiting their turn for 'leftovers' from Carl's dinner plate. :+(

Thankfully, she won't be far and we will see her often. Maple has been to her Guardian many times and thoroughly enjoys her second cousin 'Toby' who lives there as well. Life will be good, but I can't help feeling a bit sad knowing I won't get up to that animated face each morning.

I think Santa may grant our wish!


Last weekend was quite the 'honeymoon' for Annabelle as two suitors vied for her affections. :+)

The rendezvous with Trout (Artificial Insemination) went exceptionally well as the healthy semen arrived early, the vet's office was ready and Annabelle was very cooperative. Later that day, the arrival of Rumple Sticks sent all the girls into a flurry of flirtation but he only had 'eyes' for Annabelle. Again, a successful mating. For assurances, Rumple spent the day on Monday 'courting' Annabelle.

According to the 'Calendar of Events', Annabelle should have a litter in mid December for homes in mid March. Naturally, I will update as the drama unfolds. :+)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smitty has a Guardian Home. :+)

Smitty's unusual eyes, gentle personality and sweet nature have completely won over Pauline and Frances. Their other gorgeous Labradoodle, Augie, thought Smitty was the best gift ever and both boys have been inseparable.

His Guardians are training him to their Invisible Fence System, continuing with puppy manners started here and enjoy his 'melt in your hands' nature.

Thank you both for welcoming Smitty into your lovely home!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What is a Guardian Home?

Annabelle Doodles is not a 'kennel facility'. We don't keep our dogs in crates, or barns or dog runs. We only have four Labradoodles that live with us permanently - Annabelle, Harriet Potter, Olive and Willis McParti.

In order to keep developing new lines and prevent in-breeding, we utilize the Guardian Home philosophy. There are benefits to both parties involved. Annabelle Doodles has exclusive rights to breeding(s) and a family has a dog to love .

Here is what I look for:
  • A love of animals and the willingness to do training & keep the dog groomed.
  • Bonding and time to be with the dog either through home businesses, flexible work schedules or be able to take the dog to your employment.
  • A fenced in yard is a major plus but Invisible Fence is fine in most situations.
  • It is important that you not live any further than an hour radius from our home. (exceptions have been made dependent on vet facilities available)
  • A willingness to embrace and follow my vaccine protocol; not use chemicals on lawns where the dog will be; and utilize a high quality non grain diet. (raw or 'homemade' is preferable)
  • Contracts are custom made and confidential so a good repore with each other is important. Regular communication about the dog, pics, health questions, coat issues - all these points need an open discussion that benefits all involved.
  • A car harness restraint that is approved is a must. Dogs need to be as safe in a vehicle as humans. Crates or Barriers are also acceptable.
These are some of the more important issues. I have several dogs in Guardian Homes at the moment and all are willing to discuss the arrangement with any approved applicants.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Annabelle is in heat!


As expected, Harriet who began her cycle last week has thrown Annabelle into heat - yeah! I checked Miss Annie this morning and am now making plans for her breedings. She is just in the early stages and it won't be for a week or two until matings take place. If all goes well, I am expecting puppies to be delivered in mid December with home placements in mid-March or so.

Exciting times!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We are asking Santa for a new litter :+)


Annabelle is feeling rather frisky and enjoying all the attention that pre-cycling brings. We, on the otherhand, are conferring with Santa's elves about a late December delivery. If all goes well, a new litter of pups should be homebound just in time for Spring's early flowers in March or possibly April.

When Annabelle is ready, we plan to breed her to that wonderful redhead, Trout from California, who is also Maple Sugar's daddy.

Then there is Rumple Sticks, my gorgeous hunk of chocolate parfait who is ready, willing an able to perform his stud duties.

The old breeding approach of many sires impregnating a female is still frowned upon, but a 'duo sired' breeding has been sanctioned by the AKC for a while now. I am attempting to do just that with this breeding. Success is not overwhelming, but with the scientific advances of DNA for identifying parentage of puppies, I am hoping to beat the odds and get an assortment of colors. So those pups from Trout would all be red or dark apricot and with my stud Rumple Sticks - chocolates, blacks and creams. I am very excited and so is Annabelle. :+)

I should mention that all the resulting pups will be third generation labradoodles.

(Click pics below to enlarge.)

Our stud, Rumple Sticks, is a chocolate/cafe standing 20 inches tall and weighing 27 lbs. He is an Australian/American multigen with an impressive record of health and fabulous good looks. Hopefully this will be a natural mating.

Annabelle, a lovely non-shedding apricot second generation American Labradoodle, will be courted shortly by two handsome studs. She is a rugged girl weighing in at 38 lbs. and 18 inches in height. She loves squeaky stuffed animals and being a mother.

Pictured below is the very handsome, Trout. If his glorious coat and color wasn't enough to peak my curiosity, his health testing had me totally convinced - this was one great stud! I loved the fact that he comes from American lines, as I look for that specifically when breeding.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Placements - Part II

and to continue....

Marcia and Carl were my first contacts for a puppy and even sent me (well, Harriet actually) flowers when the litter was born. :+) For many weeks, Carl pushed a carriage around the North End with pics of Beatrix in them. Finally, he has Beatrix Potter (Flower Girl) in the flesh (or fur) to push now. The 'arts' are big in her neighborhood and Beatrix is partaking of it all with finesse and flair. Marcia has her baby girl and is thrilled beyond words. I should note, Miss Annabelle was not moving while her belly was being rubbed, so is included in this pic - just a tad spoiled.

Murphy, Red Girl found a wonderful home with the Donnelly Family. Murphy is full of life, laughs and kisses and shares them all with relish! From where I sit, it was a perfect placement.

Sweet, soft, complient Lily (Purple Girl) basks in the adoration of her owners, the Arnolds. Lily is the type of pup that needed a family who understood her nature and personality. I could have searched the U.S. from end to end and would not have found a more loving family to adopt her. I was so pleased when they asked me to put them on Willis' list for another puppy to join their family next year. :+)

With a heavy heart from the recent loss of their beloved pet, the Alvarez family contacted me. I was captured by the calmness and gentle manner all of them had - especially Tori. Rosa - 'Pink Girl' fit into their lifestyle like a glove. Rosa has a bit of a soft side and would do best with a structured household. With a large, extensive family to care for her every need, Rosa will heal the sad past and promise a bright future. :+)

Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of the last pup to leave.
Little Poppi (Multi Girl) traveled, via car, back to Wisconsin through Canada! And.... she was one of the pups that DID NOT do well in a car. However, Kris stated that she did great and definitely overcame her car sickness and learned crate training during her trip. Quite the achievement!!

Her owner did say she would send me one of the hundred+ that they took of her during the trip and visit here. :+)

Hopefully, many of you will post me new pics of all these babies as they grow. I especially would love 6 month and year old pics. HINT! HINT!

Don't forget that I am here to help you in any way I can. A phone call or email is all it takes.