Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Olive's pups go home!

The first to go home was my sweet Purple Girl now called Tilly and doing super!
All have smiles over Orange Girl who is now named Olivia!
This chunky boy (Green) aptly named 'Moose' is happily giving several children lots of playtime.
The long ride from Long Island was worth every mile.  Teal Girl is now Hazel.
Kari and Theodore Rex.  What a perfect pair!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Car rides.

At a Pat Hastings seminar I attended, she mentioned that three car rides for newborns under 10 days old  contributed greatly to them 'imprinting' the ride as a positive experience.  This typically prevented pups/dogs  from developing car anxiety or motion sickness in the future.

Well, I did this experiment with Olive's litter as she DOES have car anxiety (although much, much better).  I am very happy to report that everyone told me that their trip home was uneventful - this was huge!  Two went to Massachusetts, one to Maine and two to NY.  Some trips were over 4 hours! 

Today, I took Pearl's pups for their third newborn ride and I am hoping for equally impressive reports when it is departure time.

It is a chilly day here and I just started to see a snowflake or two!!   

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pearl and pups are doing well at 1 full week old.

Rainbow Girl is a chunk at 1.8 lbs.  I love her dash of white on her head.
Green Boy weighs 1.1 lbs. and has no markings.
Blue Boy is a bookend of his sister on top.  1/8 lbs.

This little chocolate girl will turn Lavender like her brother above.
She is a tiny thing at 15 ozs.  Candidate for a guardian home.

Here is the crew all snuggled together.  This gives you a better idea of their size and lovely coats.
The above single pics are zoomed in close.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

PIPER MOON is available for a Guardian Home!

Piper Moon was a 'chosen' pup from the moment of her birth.
However, there are more than good looks when I am looking for a pup
to add to my program.  Piper will need extensive testing and lots of socialization and
training before becoming a breeding girl for ADNE.  She has a soft and tender personality.

  • Would like a local placement (within an hour or so of our location).
  • Prefer a calm home with structure.
  • Will bring Piper for socialization and obedience classes.  If Piper continues obedience courses and passes the class for  'Canine Good Citizen', I will reimburse you the fee for that particular class.
  • Patience and kindness are a must!
  • Your 'deposit' of $1,250.00 is returned at the end of our contract (three litters)
    if Piper becomes a breeder and she remains with you.
  • Piper is yours to keep for the above fee if she is not bred (no refund) and you must spay her.
  • Contact:   Joyce at 207-676-5579.  Let's talk!  :+)
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Pearl's newborns.

They just like to pile on top of each other.
The two chocolates will turn to a cafe/lavender color.  They will not remain dark.
The two Iced Caramels will be the color of their dad, Coriander.
Now we all have fun watching them grow.  :+)
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The countdown begins for Olive's litter. (9 weeks!)

We are all loaded for our first pup shots at the vets!
Teal Girl with her 'fun' toy.  9.7 lbs.
Orange Girl pleads to be patted and cuddled.  10.4 lbs.
Green Boy anticipating an adventure.  10.5 lbs.
Purple Girl is a keeper.  Her name is Annabelle's Charming Prudence.  9 lbs.
This is Piper Moon, another keeper for ADNE.  10.3 lbs.
Red Boy, my pin up pup!  9.5 lbs.
Posted by PicasaThis has been a very, very busy week here at Annabelle Doodles!  We started out with our vet visit on Friday.  I apologize for not getting a full shot of everyone.  :+(  The vet and vet techs loved them all and they were very good.

On Sunday, we took another trip to the Eye CERF vet in Lyman, Maine.  This was an eye clinic put on by another breeder and each of the pups had very good exams with the vet complimenting me on their outstanding behavior during the exam.  :+)

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY when all of you get assigned your puppy!  The time has finally come!  Please be sure to check your phones for the news sometime in the afternoon.  To round out the crazy week, Tuesday they will all be microchipped, desexed and get their Health Certificates.

So enjoy Thanksgiving Day and I hope all are looking forward to the weekend to pick up their little bundles of furry joy!  

Pearl has whelped her four babies!

Wow, what an easy and timely birth!  Typically, it takes many hours of potty breaks (every hour or less for 6 or 7 hours) before birth actually commences; but Pearl did very few and whelped her four babies from roughly 10 PM to 11:50 PM.  Not a sound came from this first time mom and her motherly instincts took over like a charm.  I have to think that it is because her guardians kept her so well exercised and in perfect shape.  Thanks Lisa and John (Grace, too!).

Pearl had two boys and two girls.  Each set is in caramel and chocolate/cafe.  :+)  I have a busy morning but will post pics by the afternoon. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Olive 'teaching' her pups manners.

Posted by Picasa Olive has been spending quite a bit of time outdoors with her puppies.  She is training them in doggie behavior.  In some pics, the pups are laying down being very submissive.  In others she is intiating play.  It is very important for pups to have this interaction. 

It does not necessarily have to be the mother, any balanced dog can teach pups.   Annabelle goes in to play often as well.  Once in a while Harriet and Willis go in for a quick romp but Olive and Annabelle are 'frequent visitors'.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I received great news today!

I took Camden Rose to get an ultra sound just to be sure she was NOT pregnant and instead she is having about five puppies!!  This was shocking news to me because when I bred her to Percy Jaxon, it was the 'first time' for both and I just did not think his semen was mature enough to impregnate her but guess I was very wrong - and happily so!  The little guy is tenacious and got the job done, bless his darling big heart.  :+)

So adorable curly apricot and white parti pups could be gracing the halls of Annabelle Doodles sometime in mid December.  Golly, it is going to be busy around here!  Thankfully, Olive's pups will be with their new owners but Pearl's pups will be in the puppy room and Camden will be snug as a bug under my desk in the office where it is quiet and dark.  Pearl will be with her guardians by the time Camden's pups should be ready for their spot in the puppy room. 

Wow!  Musical Chairs!  I love winter litters because we are so entertained the whole long season.  Before we know it, Spring has arrived.  :+)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wow! My choices are getting harder and harder to pick. Olive's pups at 8 wks.

Black Girl still makes my heart pitter patter. 9 1/2 lbs.  

Purple Girl is sometimes cautious but loving, like her mom.   8 1/2 lbs. 
Green Boy holds conversations with me.  Most of the time it is 'When's dinner'?  10 lbs.
Orange Girl is sweet and loves to be close.... wants to be your best friend.  10 lbs.
Red Boy is very soft natured, a cuddler animated Teddy Bear.  8 3/4 lbs.
Teal Girl is outgoing, sweet, social and loves life!   8 3/4 lbs.
If you have not already done so, it would be great if I received THREE of your preferences at this time.  Please do not list them in order as in #1, #2, etc.  I just want three collar colors (i.e. Red, Orange, etc.) I an NOT guaranteeing that the pup you are assigned is one of the three because we still have not done the second temperament test yet but I do like having a list to work from if the opportunity presents itself.  Please email me personally, not on the AnnaBlog.  Thanks!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our First Snow! Yippeeee!!!!

This white stuff is fun!
Please do not lick the 'yellow' snow.
Catch me if you can!
What is going on?
Follow the Leader!
'I hear deer snack on this stuff'.
Peek A Boo!
Am I cute, or what?
Look at the size difference between Purple and Green!!!
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