Monday, November 30, 2009

Baskets of pups.


I decided to post pics of the pups at 5 weeks one day early because I have to take my husband to an appointment tomorrow and I never know how long it will take. I don't think any of you will mind. :+)

As explained in the previous post, the pups are really beginning to explore their little world. When you see them this weekend, they will not be so 'infant like'. They will bark, squiggle, complain and enjoy the attention; but will tire quickly- hence the limit of a 1/2 hour visit.

Enjoy the pics!

Green Boy - 6 lbs.

Orange Girl - 4 1/2 lbs.

Black Boy - 5 1/2 lbs.

Blue Boy - 6 1/2 lbs.

Turquoise Boy - 6 lbs.

Red Girl - 6 1/4 lbs.

Lavender Girl - 5 1/2 lbs.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So much has happened! (pics added)

Wow - it has been very busy around here. Of course, there was Thanksgiving with all that it emcompasses - company, lots of food preparations, decorating and cleaning and EXHAUSTION! It was fun, but I am happy it is over.

Clara Belle and the pups were also very busy making huge changes as well.
  • We have begun the weaning process which means I make lots of food for the pups and serve it several times per day and Clara only nurses in the am and pm. Her food portions are now being reduced to help her dry up her milk slowly.
  • The puppies are all able to drink water as well as eat their 'baby mixture' which is made of Goat's Milk, water, Gerber Baby Meat and Sojo's organic oat blend.
  • I have changed their potty area from the crates with Potty Pads in them to a square low-sided plastic container filled with wood pellets.
  • Their area has now been expanded to include a mini playgym for crawling and investigating.
  • Their bed cushion was moved so that everything can fit. The floor has a rubber pad on it for traction and a corner filled with stuffed animals for snuggling.
Although most of the pups are on the cushion, you will find Red Girl snuggling amongst the stuffed animals and peeking out at the back edge of the playgym is Black Boy.

As you can see, the pups are gobbling up their food. I still have not made it too thick as some of the pups are still developing teeth and they seem to be satisfied with the milk mix still.

I have been so surprised that they are doing so well with using the potty box after I expanded their pen.

My dear friend, Kathleen, visited on Saturday for a puppy fix. I don't know who enjoyed the afternoon more - Kathleen or the pups! Kathleen is very talented - she can play with pups and take pictures at the same time!!! LOL!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Four Week Thanksgiving Goodies!!

Green Boy - 5 5/8 lbs.
'The turkey was how big?????'

Red Girl - 5 3/4 lbs
'This is some drumstick!'

Blue Boy - 6 lbs.
'I can't take another bite'.

Orange Girl - 4 1/8 lbs.
'I can hardly wait for Thanksgivng Dinner!'

Turquoise Boy - 5 1/4 lbs.
'Is the turkey done yet?'

Purple Girl - 5 lbs.
'Is this where I am suppose to sit?'

Black Boy - 5 lbs.
I do believe this guy represents all of us after the Thanksgiving feast.

Be safe everyone and enjoy the day. Your pups will all have plenty of good food, lots of cuddles and plenty of laps to keep them happy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are three weeks!

Oh my gosh are these babies growing! Each day they become more mobile, more alert, make little barking noises and try to eat each other's faces. :+) Clara Belle is spending more time outside enjoying her housemates. When she feeds there is some serious slurping going on.

There definitely is some potty box usage but nothing to brag about at this time. Their eyes are getting a bit more clear and their naps are deep and they twitch when dreaming.

Here is Turquoise Boy at 3 3/4 lbs today. He is considered a 'caramel' as his pigment will be liver colored.

This is Black Boy and he weighs 3 lbs.

Green Boy is dreaming of bones and birds and weighs 3 1/4 lbs.

Red Girl likes to use a pillow while napping. She weighs 3 3/4 lbs.

Blue Boy is hanging out at 4 1/8 lbs! Whew!

Orange Girl is considered a caramel and will have liver pigment. She weighs 2 1/2 lbs. The smallest of the litter at the moment.

Lastly is Purple Girl who weighs 3 1/8 lbs.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our first rearrangement at 19 days old.


The pups' coats are very full and keeping them plenty warm, so the tent came down, was cleaned and put away for the next batch of goodies. :+)

The pups seem to really be enjoying their new room arrangements and this includes a potty area, some hanging mirrors and a couple different toys. There is plenty of room for Clara Belle to nurse as well. Although their eyes are open, they do not see clearly yet. They hone in on my voice now and do try to focus on me - very cute! Playing with each other has begun using their mouths to 'feel and taste'.

They no longer move their heads from side to side and their legs are gaining strength to elevate them over the pad bumper to waddle to the potty area. No, they are not aware yet to intentionally go potty there - it is more a natural desire to not soil where they are sleeping. If all goes well, I will post individual pics of them tomorrow along with their new weights. :+)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About visitations.

I know many of you are very excited about visiting and want to update you at this time.

Much of what I have read is to NOT allow visits until the pups are a full 4 weeks of age due to their neurological development and I hold to this policy. That puts the date right at Thanksgiving Week, which is incredibly crazy around here because we sell fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and we will have family visiting for the holiday weekend.

So, I will be accepting scheduled visits beginning the weekend of Dec. 5th. Visits are for 1/2 hour, one party in the morning and one party in the afternoon. Morning visits cannot be before 11 AM and PM visits are preferred around 2 in the afternoon. Yes, visits can be arranged during the weekdays as well. Please email or call to be scheduled. There is a strict policy that I need to go over with you prior to your visit. :+)

We are two weeks old!

Actually, we were two weeks yesterday, but I had to take my husband to Boston and that really blew my entire day.

So, here is poor Clara Belle doing what she does so very well. These pups seem to always have a full course meal complete with a high calorie dessert! :+)

The girls are following the typical pattern of weighing a bit less than their brothers, except for Red Girl who weighs the most at this time! You go Red!!!

PURPLE GIRL weighs 1 3/4 lbs.
RED GIRL weighs 2 1/4 lbs. - her eyes opened yesterday - the first one!
ORANGE GIRL weighs 1 3/8 lbs.
BLUE BOY weighs 2 lbs.
LIME GREEN BOY weighs 2 lbs.
BLACK BOY weighs 2 1/8 lbs.
TURQUOISE BOY weighs 2 lbs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Puppy pile!

Good Morning!

I went into the puppy room to get ready to take puppy weights and to change their bedding and saw the 'puppy pile' and ran back into my office to grab my camara instead.

Apologies for not cleaning up their bedding first, but to do so would have ruined the moment. I just love it when they sleep on their backs exposing those fat bellies. It always makes me smile when one pup uses another sibling for a pillow and adore those hug tangles! Gives you the impression that all is well in this world of ours. :+)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We are 10 days old and doing great!


I returned home from visiting our new grandson on Friday (He is wonderful, by the way!) :+) As is typical of being away for a bit, my messages and schedule were on overload. However, I am back on track and weekly and sometimes daily updates, should be the norm.

The pups have been gaining steadily and in a very short time will start to open their eyes. Still 'infants' they swing their head from side to side and are only able to drag their bodies for very short distances. They are plump and mommy has continued to do a great job.

Here are their individual shots at almost two weeks old. I will post their 2 week weights on 11/10.

Turquoise boy has four white feet and a slight flash of white on his head, neck and chest.

Blue Boy has a flash of white on his head and some on his chest.

Lime Boy has such a pretty heart on his head and balances that off with white on his feet and chest, too.

Black Boy has adorable white feet.

Orange Girl has a couple of white toes on her back legs.

Red Girl is the curliest one in the litter.

Purple Girl seems to be quite solid in color.