Monday, April 14, 2008

We are getting anxious!


We have been traveling a bit lately as we enjoy a brief break before the possibility of a new litter. I mistakenly told a few new inquiries that I was going tomorrow for a vet check up on Harriet, but alas, it is WEDNESDAY that I get the news if she is pregnant for sure. I am hopeful, as there have been a few times when 'morning sickness' has hit. (grin) Now really folks, who is happy to pick up vomit except a breeder of a potential pregnant dam?

She does appear to have all the classic signs, but I always hesitate to say for sure until my trusty vet, Dr. Lowe, tells me. So hang on tight for Wednesday's announcement!

At this time, I have 8 applicants showing interest, so I feel very good that these pups already have some great homes lined up. Everyone keep their fingers crossed, okay?

:+) Joyce