Thursday, August 30, 2018


Happily, hubby got through his surgery today just fine and is taking it easy.  However, the day was very busy and we got home later than I had hoped.

So without further ado, here are the 8 week pics!

Rosie Schmitt - 7  1/4 lbs.

Dante Sanchez - 9  1/4 lbs.

Icy Staudacher - 6  1/4 lbs.

Liberty Belle Gamble - 8 lbs.

Genevieve Lewis - 6 lbs.

Bella Rue - Guardian Candidate.  6  1/2 lbs.

Coco Xydaki - 6  1/4 lbs.

Pippi Van Der Kloot -  4  1/2 lbs.

Winston Tzitzon - 6  1/8 lbs.

Isaac Newton Fieseher -  6  1/2 lbs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Update:  No longer available. 

Affectionately known as Pipsqueak 'PIPPI' around here.  Such a brave and fun loving little thing.  She has no clue she is only 3 or so pounds.  Happy to wrestle with Dante or chase Icy and the rest of her littermates.

Would be great with well mannered kids who would enjoy dressing her up or playing in the yard.  Her size makes her so portable - great for a possible therapy dog as she is steady and smart as a whip!

Would also make a great companion for active retirees who love to travel with their companion.  She would certainly fit under the seat of an airplane.  Non-shedding and easy care, slightly wavy coat is a bonus.

She has no fear going down this slide!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Just some miscellaneous pics of the pups outdoors for you to enjoy. DAISY X WYATT.

Today is a hot one and the pups enjoy being outdoors where there is a lot of shade.  Some still go in the pup room but most prefer being outdoors.


Teal Girl - SOLD.  Waiting for her name.

Rosie on the right, Icy on the left.


Liberty Belle - may get darker in color.


Genevieve - Nickname will be 'Evie'. 

Bella Rue - Guardian candidate.
Pink Girl - available for a pet.

Isaac Newton - GH

Sunday, August 26, 2018


A VERY busy day today; however, all went quite well.

My trainer, Sue Carney, came a bit after 2 pm and began at once.  Every pup scored in the "Mild Persistence' category which means they are relaxed and tolerant and less likely to engage in unacceptable behaviors.

One of the tests was outdoors.  I used my battery operated mower.  I started it up and did a couple of passes about 20 feet from each.  Most were scared enough to run near or under my trainer.  Once I shut it off, we coaxed each pup to go near and sniff the mower.  Although some were more 'cautious' than others, every single one of them overcame their initial fear and checked out the mower. This shows that the pups, with patience and encouragement have the courage to overcome and move on.  A very important skill.  I was very proud of every single one!

Happily accepted and placed are.
  • Light Blue Boy 'DANTE' - Jorge and James in Boston, Mass.
  • Rose Girl 'ROSIE DAISY' - Schmitt Family in New Jersey.
  • Green Boy 'WINSTON' - Tzitzon Family in Andover, Mass.
  • Purple Girl 'LIBERTY BELLE' - Gamble Family in Newburyport, Mass.
  • Peach Girl - 'GENEVIEVE' - Lewis Family in Byfield, Mass.
  • Red Girl - Sundog's MIGHTY 'ICY' - Staudacher Family in Lakeside, Arizona
  • Teal Girl - Name coming!
Pink Girl is available at this time:
Pink Girl's description:  Tiny but very brave and confident in familiar surroundings - a bit more cautious outdoors but has great recovery. Cuddly, friendly and sweet. Smart and would be a great candidate for a therapy doodle.  Her size allows her to go anywhere!

Both these pups will be placed in Guardian Homes:
  • Navy Boy 'ISAAC NEWTON' - Fieseher Family in Dover, NH
  • Silver Girl 'BELLA RUE' - still available for a local family.
Thanks for your patience today!  

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fab pic of Wyatt and his guardian!

Wyatt has an incredible life with his guardians.  This pic is just one of the many adventures he participates in.  What a lucky boy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


We were up early to get hubby in for his dental surgery.  It is amazing how quickly they 'slice and dice' these days.  Poor guy was sent home in 45 minutes with his head wrapped in an ice sling - a rather unique product!

The pups are full of mischief and I can tell you it is becoming more and more difficult to walk with ten hooligans running around, through and clamped to your pant legs while carrying two large bowls of food!  I keep developing new methods of making the three square meals a day easier!!  :+)

When I hold them individually though, they are all sweet and loving.  I also adore how a couple of them sigh with contented squeaks when you snuggle with them.  Red and Pink girls, in particular, do this often.  :+)

Peach Girl - 4  1/2 lbs.
Peachy is trending to be on the small side of the group. She is sweet, calm, gentle and sensitive.

Rose Girl - 5  3/4 lbs.
An athletic type. Loves attention! Plenty of energy and moxie!

Teal Girl - 5 lbs.
A calm, gentle, sensitive type. Needs a quieter home where she can develop confidence at her comfort level.

Red Girl - 4  3/4 lbs.
'Miss Knobby Knees'. A clone of her daddy.  Just as sweet and considerate in a cream spritzy coat.

Green Boy - 5 lbs.
A gentleman through and through.  Loves cuddles and gentle hands.

Purple Girl - 6  1/2 lbs.
A middle of the road sort of pup.  Loves to play, loves attention and belly rubs.  A solid medium.

Pipsqueak - oops, Pink Girl. A whopping 3 5/8 lbs.
What a dear!  Would be a fantastic therapy type companion.  A perfect size for traveling! Fits in a backpack,
pocketbook or small suitcase.  Confident and soooo smart! LOVES belly rubs. The pic says it all.

Isaac Newton (Navy boy) - 5 lbs.
Newton will be joining the ADNE breeding program.  He has confidence, swagger
and I hope the 'goods' to produce great pups in the future.

Bella Rue - 5  1/2 lbs.
Her name says it all - Beauty and Grace.  Throw in sweet and cuddly too. A guardian home candidate.

Mr. Light Blue Boy - 7  1/2 lbs.
The leader.  The first to the food bowl, initiate play, loves to wrestle - a social butterfly.
Will want lots of play dates, a very social environment and other 'sumo wrestlers' to tire him out!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Please really take your time and check out food for your pup.  Yes, I recommend Life's Abundance as that is what your pup will be eating before it leaves.  This food has never had a recall and it is made fresh in Massachusetts, so no long stays on a shelf losing nutrients.  It also can be shipped right to your door.  You cannot purchase Life's Abundance in any store - only online and from my website.  The tab to purchase is clearly noted on the top of this page.  I highly encourage you to at least purchase one bag of the Puppy Food.  If you then want to switch, you can do so slowly.  Just be sure that the food you feed has a minimum of Four Stars from the Dog Food Advisors site.  You also want to be sure there have been no recalls. 

Good, nutritious food is never advertised on t.v.  Choose carefully so your pup can grow healthy and strong. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Why are Thursdays so busy?  It seems every appointment I make is on a Thursday and I run around like a taxi!

I am posting six weeks pics at the end of the day, but sometimes it just cannot be helped.  It takes several hours to do pictures, then there is editing, etc.  Anyway, I finally did get them done and here they are!

Rose Girl - 4  1/2 lbs. - Mature weight should be about 25 to 28 lbs.
Coat - Slight waves but easy care; minimal professional grooming appointments.

Green Boy - 4  1/4 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 28 to 32 lbs.
Coat - He has the most curls in this litter and may need to have professional grooming appts. every 6 weeks..

Purple Girl - 5  1/2 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 28 to 35 lbs.
Coat - straight to slight waves, easy care; minimal professional grooming appointments.

Peach Girl - 3  3/4 lbs. Mature weight should be about 25 to 28 lbs.
Coat - wavy but easy care; medium professional grooming appointments.
Will be the color of Wyatt. The color change is already developing.

Red Girl - 4 lbs. Mature weight should be about 22 to 30 lbs.
Coat - easy care straight; minimal professional grooming appointments.  A replica of Wyatt's coat.

Light Blue Boy - 6 lbs. Mature weight should be about 30 to 38 lbs.
Coat - easy care, minimal professional grooming appointments. Straight to light waves.

Bella Rue (Silver Girl) - 4  1/4 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 25 to 28 lbs.
Coat - Full and wavy requiring normal professional grooming appointments. (GH candidate)

Pink Girl - 2  1/2 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 15 to 22 lbs.
Coat - easy care, minimal professional grooming appointments. Slight waves.

'Isaac Newton' aka Navy Boy - 4  1/4 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 25 to 28 lbs.
Coat - Full and wavy requiring regular professional grooming appointments.  (Guardian found)

Teal Girl - 4 lbs.  Mature weight should be about 25 to 28 lbs.
Coat - easy care with medium professional grooming appointments.
Will be the color of Wyatt.  Notice the light colors coming through?

  • Minimum grooming appointments mean about every 8 to 12 weeks.  
  • Medium grooming appointments mean about every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Regular grooming appointments mean every 6 weeks in most cases but it will truly depend on how the mature coats comes in.  This begins around 8 months of age and can take about a year and a half to complete.  Weekly COMBING is a must in EVERY type coat to keep them free of debris, spread the oils and keep mats at bay.
Certainly, this breeding gave a wide variety of coats, colors, looks and boning.  Such a diverse group!  Something for everyone!  :+)

Monday, August 13, 2018

We had company today!

We were expecting more rain today but it did not happen so the pups were out in the big play yard going in every direction!

After the first excursion, I brought them in for lunch and a nap.  Then they had visitors for a couple of hours and were exhausted.  They are sleeping as I type.  A good fun day!

Guardian Home Candidate! 
'BELLA RUE'  will be available for placement in her guardian home on Sept. 8th.
Her name means 'beauty & grace'.  A perfect description of this lovely pup.

The pups scampered hither and dither!

They also loved all the attention from Lorraine and David.  :+)


This is a good time to inform everyone on this litter of the upcoming schedule for the pups.  Please be sure to put this info in your iphone or calendar.

  • August 22 - 25, I will have family visiting so no puppy appointments.
  • August 26 - Temperament Testing in the afternoon.  I already have a puppy visit that morning, so can't have any more as the pups will be too tired for my trainer.  Once you are assigned a pup, your balance will be due so please be prompt as it must clear my bank well before pick up time!  Checks should be made out to ADNE.
  • August 31 - Pups will have their first Distemper and Parvo vaccines. No visits.
  • September 4th - Pups will visit the Ophthalmologist for their eye exams.  No visits.
  • September 5th - Surgeries will be done on the pups.  The girls will have Ovary Sparing Surgeries and the boys will have vasectomies.  Please read about these surgeries on my AnnaBlog!
Now,  Pick Up Day.  Since there are 10 puppies for pick ups, I cannot do it all at once, so want to offer up two possibilities:
  1. I can do two pick ups on Saturday - one in the morning and a second one in the afternoon.  This is my personal preference but Saturday may not work for everyone.  I would prefer 11 am and 3 pm but am open to other times if it works better for you.
  2. I can also have some people come at the same time on Sunday, if Saturday does not work.  We will all have to agree on a time, so discussion will be necessary.  I would love the discussion to be on this post so we are all on the same page.  
Lastly, I would like all of you to send me an email at: NOT HERE - your three puppy preferences.  I will need these prior to temperament testing.

A word about the surgeries.  You might want to know why I am doing the surgeries so close to pick up day.  The reason is the pup will have a far quieter place at your home to recoup than here.  Basically, they feel great and want to play, chase, wrestle, run and do all the things they should not be doing after a surgery.  It would be impossible for me to keep them quiet and reserved.  I would have to keep them all in a crate for several days which would make them miserable (and me, too!).  So being with you in a controlled environment makes the most sense.  Yes, they can gently play, go for walks, sit and cuddle, etc., but without all their siblings jumping, pulling, biting and hobnobbing, they will heal better.  By September 14th, all will be well.  Three days of restrictions here will give them a good start on healing but they need 10 full days of a gentle environment.  A great time for bonding with their new family.  :+)

Let the discussions begin!

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today, I was finally able to get some pics of people visiting with Daisy's pups.  This little boy was a puppy magnet!

As long as it is not raining and I can take pics in the outside pen, I will post visitors enjoying socializing the pups.  :+)