Thursday, August 9, 2018

FIVE WEEKS OLD - Daisy x Wyatt

This week, we can certainly see how each parent has impacted the pups.  The majority of the pups favor Wyatt's 'wash and wear' type coat.  This coat minimizes grooming costs greatly.  Another plus is how easy it is to 'clean up' after hikes, water sports, rain, mud or snow.  Wyatt's guardians (and I) love his look and low maintenance.

Some of them are showing lots of  'hair length' and that is a Daisy type coat.  These pups will have longer hair but will still be easily brushed out weekly with minimal matting issues.  About four of them have a thicker, softer, wavy fleece coat.

I knew I would have a spattering of coat types when I decided to breed Daisy and Wyatt together.  Part of breeding is taking so called 'risks'.  Many breeders would never consider breeding back to an earlier generation Labradoodle but I have always liked the easy care early generation coats over the thickly curling wool Poodle types with a heavy undercoat.  Most of the heavier coats require routine grooming every 4 to 5 weeks.  This litter will be a breeze to maintain as their coats are thinner, straighter with no, or very little, undercoat.  You will be able to keep them in a longer coat which is very whimsical looking.  So suitable for their breed name!

As you keep visiting, you will see them emerge more and more and it is so interesting for all of us to watch.  :+)

Green Boy - 3  1/2 lbs.  Curling hair coat.

Navy Boy - 3  5/8 lbs.  Fluffy fleece caramel wavy coat

Teal Girl - 3 lbs.  Fleece cafe coat, medium thickness.

Red Girl - 3  1/8 lbs.  Caramel straight coat, no undercoat.

Pink Girl has finally made it to 2 pounds!  Caramel straight, easy care coat.

Silver Girl - 3  1/2 lbs.  Medium thick apricot fleece/hair coat combo.

Peach Girl - 3  1/8 lbs. Choc/Cafe fleece/hair wavy coat.

Purple Girl - 4  1/2 lbs.  A straight whimsical coat like her daddy.  Easy care.

Rose Girl - 3  3/4 lbs.  On the small side with an easy care coat much like Daisy's.

Light Blue Boy - 5 lbs.  Rugged, sleek, straighter coat like his daddy but thicker.

The pups love being in their outside pen during the day.  They have plenty of shade and toys.  Water is always available and they typically eat lunch 'on the stones'.  Lots of fresh air and sunlight peeking through provides a healthy and safe place for them to be during the day.  The adult doodles go by to say 'Hello' every now and again and it is a great space for visitors to come and interact with them.


  1. Wow! How these little sweet pups have changed.
    Amazing. Such s fun litter to watch grow!

  2. Loving these guys! What beauties!