Thursday, August 2, 2018

DAISY X WYATT LITTER - Four weeks! Schedule your visit!

The fourth week is a milestone in many ways - including the 'gangly' stage.  The pups are now eating three 'porridge' meals per day but still nursing from Daisy at her discretion.  Teeth buds are pushing to peek out of sore gums and this generally will cause some eye staining for a couple of weeks until the teeth fully emerge.  A water bowl has been added to the pen even though most of them step in it, through it and sometimes drink from it - a learning curve!  They do the same to their food bowl as well but most of it gets eaten from the bowl or from licking each others faces and coats...feet included.  A bit messy but normal.

Their litter box now has a grate over the pee pad so that poops fall down through the spaces to keep the pups clean.  They are all a bit befuddled when they first step on the grate but within a few hours are all set.  It is very important to add different surfaces for them to experience young which is another reason I do it.  Right now they have the pad and stuffed animals where they sleep, the potty grate and the tile floor in their play area to adjust to.  This is plenty to get acclimated to for this week!

Now that they are on food, their weekly weight gain will increase a bit and Daisy's duties will decrease.  As long as we have this great weather, I bet I will have them in the outdoor pen by their five week marker.  This week's pics were taken on the mini bench in that pen.

Growing more and more chunky is Purple Girl.  3  1/4 lbs
She certainly is showing more of the Lab genes.

Peach Girl is such a combination of her parents.  2  1/4 lbs.
She has a wide head like her dad but a more delicate build like her mom.

Green Boy - 3 lbs.
A black version of his daddy! Look at that Lab-like tail and wide chest.

Navy Boy weighs 2  1/2 lbs.
I am hoping this boy joins ADNE. He is the smallest male.

Teal Girl is a relica of her sister, Peach.  2  1/2 lbs.
I know she is going to be a favorite because she has the cute white chin barely seen here.

'The Honker'.  Yep, Light Blue Boy.  3  3/4 lbs.
Solid like his daddy.  I expect him to be the biggest pup in the litter.

Rose Girl.  A Mommy clone.  3 lbs.
I bet she will have her mommy's adorable prance.

Red Girl weighs 2  1/2 lbs.
A caramel version of her sister Rose, who is a cream because Rose has black pigment.

Silver Girl - 2  1/2 lbs.
Another ADNE hopeful.  So far, so good but we have a long way to go yet.

Pink Girl, a midget at 1  3/4 lbs.
Our resident pipsqueak of the litter.  Watch her at the fed bowl though!  Gets her gulps in!

Now is the time I begin to accept some visits.  Please email me a day and time that would be convenient for you.  I am happy to have appointments anytime (mostly) during the week or weekends. Of course, I do have to have some limits because the pups will be exhausted and I do have a life!  However, I am pretty flexible.

Their new set up so they have more room:


  1. They are growing like weeds! Such a wonderful variation in this litter. Love the creams and Pink girl.

  2. Pink looks like a Chihuahua amongst St. Bernards! However, she is mighty and so stoic. She does not know her size at all and does all the stuff the others do. :+) I can't wait to see what they do outdoors! :+)

  3. LOL Joyce! She is a cutie! Love her!