Monday, August 6, 2018

Play time! (Daisy x Wyatt litter)

Space priorities!  Yesterday, I realized this number of pups require more 'toilet' space, so out came my round 'mega' litter box.  I use this one for my large litters when I get them.  It gives the pups plenty of area to 'pick their spot' much like dogs do in the wild. 

Today, I put together the play 'frame'.  I hang all sorts of things that they can chew, toys that make noise and can be tugged.  Having it over the slide allows them 'two levels' of toys to interact with.  At naptimes, I will put in the big stuffed animal for them to snuggle.  When not there, it is a wrestling arena!

Poops are a big concern for breeders.  Poops determine if their diet is right, the digestive system is working properly and is the first sign of a potential problem.  Doesn't sound glamorous at all but is something we look at and clean up every single hour pretty much.  A good 'tootsie' roller brings a smile to every breeders' face.   :+)

Gotta find the right spot!

Purple Girl has sunk her tiny teeth into one of the hanging toys using the ladder for leverage. :+)
Her siblings are very busy wrestling each other.  Say 'uncle'!!

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