Thursday, August 30, 2007

Placements - Part II

and to continue....

Marcia and Carl were my first contacts for a puppy and even sent me (well, Harriet actually) flowers when the litter was born. :+) For many weeks, Carl pushed a carriage around the North End with pics of Beatrix in them. Finally, he has Beatrix Potter (Flower Girl) in the flesh (or fur) to push now. The 'arts' are big in her neighborhood and Beatrix is partaking of it all with finesse and flair. Marcia has her baby girl and is thrilled beyond words. I should note, Miss Annabelle was not moving while her belly was being rubbed, so is included in this pic - just a tad spoiled.

Murphy, Red Girl found a wonderful home with the Donnelly Family. Murphy is full of life, laughs and kisses and shares them all with relish! From where I sit, it was a perfect placement.

Sweet, soft, complient Lily (Purple Girl) basks in the adoration of her owners, the Arnolds. Lily is the type of pup that needed a family who understood her nature and personality. I could have searched the U.S. from end to end and would not have found a more loving family to adopt her. I was so pleased when they asked me to put them on Willis' list for another puppy to join their family next year. :+)

With a heavy heart from the recent loss of their beloved pet, the Alvarez family contacted me. I was captured by the calmness and gentle manner all of them had - especially Tori. Rosa - 'Pink Girl' fit into their lifestyle like a glove. Rosa has a bit of a soft side and would do best with a structured household. With a large, extensive family to care for her every need, Rosa will heal the sad past and promise a bright future. :+)

Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of the last pup to leave.
Little Poppi (Multi Girl) traveled, via car, back to Wisconsin through Canada! And.... she was one of the pups that DID NOT do well in a car. However, Kris stated that she did great and definitely overcame her car sickness and learned crate training during her trip. Quite the achievement!!

Her owner did say she would send me one of the hundred+ that they took of her during the trip and visit here. :+)

Hopefully, many of you will post me new pics of all these babies as they grow. I especially would love 6 month and year old pics. HINT! HINT!

Don't forget that I am here to help you in any way I can. A phone call or email is all it takes.

Placements - Part I


From comments received so far, it appears all is going quite well with minor adjustments for families and puppies. From the shores of Cape Cod beaches, parades welcoming St. Lucy at the North End, crossing the Canadian Border, frolicking at the water's edge of lakes and exploring woodlands as well as malls - the puppies and families are enjoying life together.

The Schindler's are happily enjoying the constant cuddles of Blue Boy 'Toby' right here in North Berwick. They will also be the guardians for Maple Sugar's antics soon. They are such a good and caring family visiting the litter almost weekly and loving all of the pups.

Cadbury has adapted so well to life with the Milletts. Along with two cats and two other dogs, her only issue so far has been the car. Her owner's are patient and willing to help her overcome this. She has many to love her and I am so happy to have found another exemplary guardian home for one of my breeding girls.

What can I say about 'Jack' -(Black Boy). Have heard nothing but raves from his doting owners. I keep asking them when 'the other shoe' is about to fall and they keep telling me 'What shoe?' To date the Bienenfelds are 'over the moon' with their little man.

Here is the big guy 'Hurley' - Green Boy. Hurley has been busy digging in the sand and keeping his family, the Taylor's, laughing. They tell me he really enjoys eating. :+)

The Youngberg family has plenty of cuddles for Yellow Girl 'Ruby'. They are an active family so I know Ruby will be at many games, school activities, rides and neighborhood walks.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rosa's owners came to visit today.

Tori and her family have been in Spain for over a month and didn't get to visit as often as they would have, so upon their return they immediately wanted to come up and play with their pup.

They brought some presents to share and after being 'fully tested and parent approved' via Annabelle and Harriet Potter, I tossed them into the puppy room for entertainment. I think they are really enjoying them! :+)

I know my other girls are going to be looking for them later when they come in. I won't be surprised if Annabelle, in particular, sneaks into the puppy room to steal one! She LOVES squeaky toys and always fills up her whelping box with them when she has babies. :+)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Red Girl has a name! Yeay!!

Her new owners have hobnobbed and discussed and finally decided on 'MURPHY'. Welcome to our group, Murphy! I just know you are going to keep mom VERY busy!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The second wave of spays have arrived home safely!

Here are the new convalescents - Rosa on the left, Red Girl curled up and Lily in the potty area. They have had their pain meds and in a bit, dinner will be served.

Beatrix (back) Poppi and Ruby are bouncing bundles of energy! This is them a full 24 hours from surgery yesterday. I had them out in one of the pens today where they enjoyed the fresh air, but not with their other ruffian siblings!

And naturally, the other pups are being inquisitive and downright nosy about the new group that has been cornered off in their room. With some creative maneuvering, I was able to keep both groups in separate pens yet allow the other rascals enough space for their potty area and space to play as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Poppi, Ruby and Beatrix after their surgery.

Their siblings come to visit and offer words of sympathy. Then they run off and cause comotion.

They are comfortable, even though Poppi and Ruby have decided to 'park' in the bathroom area. Beatrix picked the crate.

The little darlings are a bit under the weather. Feeling sore, I am sure. There was a bit of vomit on the trip home, but nothing serious. They are cornered off in the puppy room as the others are way too rambunctious. They drank and used 'the facilities' and need to rest a bit.

Later tonight, I will give them some pain meds & offer a bit of food and hope they can keep it down. They will feel much better tomorrow. Trust me. :+)

Clean Harriet - an almost non-existent event!


For those of you that have come up here, you know that Harriet is usually a mess...either covered in underbrush, mud, or assorted 'entanglements' which gave her the nickname of 'Dirty Harry'! I decided today was 'Clean Harry' day and I brushed her out and trimmed her face and ears a bit. I DID NOT give her a bath, as doodles clean up rather well with just allowing them to dry and then giving a vigorous brush out. Here is the proof. :+)

She was so good to stay on the rocking chair. I am calling her 'Sweet Harriet' today. :+)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Twelve week weights!

Golly....I think these pups are eating bricks! Here is the latest:

Toby, I missed because he went home today. OOPS!
Lily is now 12.8
Jack weighs 11.12
Hurley continues to pack it on at 15.12!
Rosa is a shapely 13.10
Beatrix Potter is growing like a weed - 11.12 :+)
RED GIRL is sold - waiting for a name and is still the mini one who finally reached 11 lbs.
Ruby has gained a couple of pounds and is tipping the scales at 13.12
Cadbury Nougat is closing in on Maple Sugar. She is 13.12
POPPI is a svelt 13.12
Annabelle's Maple Sugar is a sturdy 14.8

And for those of you that notice Smitty on some of the pics - he is a monster at 16.12 and 13 1/2 weeks old. He is one brawny and big boned boy!

Tomorrow 3 of the girls go for their spaying procedure: Beatrix, Ruby and Poppi. The next day, Rosa and Red Girl get their turn. They will also be microchipped and have their nails cut short while under anesthesia.

I am also trying to schedule the second series of shots - what a week!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A perfect family...

Red Girl has a wonderful home! Many of you were asking about her but I never worry about these things. I always feel time and effort, along with patience, brings great results.

So, up from Massachusetts came the perfect family and now we only have to wait to see what her name will be. :+)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Tugboat Adventure - narrated by Maple Sugar.

Hey guys! There is something BIG in our play-yard! Come see!

Since Hurley is our biggest sibling, we dubbed him Captain Hurley and asked him to check things out to be sure our trip would be safe. 'All is well' Capt. Hurley claims!

'All aboard, whose coming on board'! Oh! Is this boat leaking?? There's water in the bottom!!

What a wonderful trip we are having! Good friends, cool water and warm winds. :+)

'No, I am NOT the anchor', Cadbury says with a huff!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Who would of thought a pillow could be so much fun!

There is a pillow under all the pups, honest!

You would have thought I had given them a huge toy!

Well......maybe I did! :+)

They played like this for over an hour.

Yep! Biting, pulling, grabbing, rolling - all the things pups enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time to play after a hard day!

After a hard day of vet appointments, goop in their eyes, crated in the car, waiting our turn in the parking lot... we needed some fun!

This is a very cool look out!

Climbing this ladder is tricky.

Something smells interesting here.

Let's play 'Follow the Leader'!

Energy to expend!

Wacha got there?

Can I fit there too?

Uh, it is getting kind of crowded here.

We can't fit anymore!

Ahhhhhh, alone at last. :+)

So Much Fun!

I want it, no I got it, NO I WANT IT! (Sounds just like kids, huh?)

Hey! What are you doing down there?

What are YOU doing up there???

Let's play London Bridge! You go first.

You go girl! I am right behind you!!

No Ocular Disease - Yeah!!


Another crazy morning but we did manage to bring the last six pups for their eye exams. Thankfully, the canine opthalmologist found no ocular disease in any of the (12) pups. He felt none of the pups are in jeopardy of going blind through disease.

This is the prime time to check for eye disease as the eyes are still growing and the area is very accessible.

I will say that those pups that have eye staining may be due to 'extra eyelashes' (Distichiasis). Removal of those lashes is an option when they are over a year old. Harriet has this condition with no tear staining and I have never had to remove anything. Annabelle doesn't have Distichiasis and yet she eye stains once in a while. Go figure!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The last 'rays of sunshine' are here!

The pups have gone outside in the rain anyway and their coats are slightly wet. They don't seem to mind the rain which is a good thing.

Here is Ruby keeping herself busy with her toy.

Hurley is getting so big! He will need his own surfboard at this rate!! :+)

Maple taking a break from play.

Poppi and Ruby.