Friday, June 27, 2014

I am happy to report....

The mating this morning between Figgy Puddin' and Dublin was a total success.  I just love it when two potential breeding dogs really like each other at first glance - it does not always happen that way. Wonderfully mannered Dublin was a complete gentleman - wooing and whispering sweet nothings in Figgy's very willing ears.  :+)

I am hopeful shimmering blacks and sparkling apricots will be arriving at the end of August. :+)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keeping you in the loop!

It continues to be quite busy here.  Along with one of my studs providing a service to another breeder; I am also in the middle of planning Figgy Puddin's date with Dublin.  I do believe that mating will take place by the weekend and hopefully black and/or apricot puppies will be born by late summer.

I am hearing that Tate appears to be showing signs of being preggo and an ultra sound is scheduled for early July - we are all anticipating the proof of this pregnancy.

Still no signs of coming into season from Miss Camden but nobody pushes Mother Nature around so we all must be patient.  :+)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pippin is practicing for watching fireworks!

Can't you just hear her singing....'and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air'.......

Added the last two families to the Tillie's 'Going Home' post! Check it out! :+)

Now, it is the 'hurry up and wait' phase of breeding - namely, is Tate pregnant and is Figgy's progesterone climbing so she can be bred with Dublin for fall puppies.

Phineas T. Barnum was bred to Maine Coast's Sadie Smiles yesterday, so Terri will be expecting a hopeful litter as well by fall.  Busy, busy!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tomorrow, Elvis and Pippin will go to their homes but I could not resist an 11 week pic of them.

As my husband likes to call them, 'Mutt and Jeff' have been with us for an extended week as Elvis' family was on vacation. It worked out perfectly as both of them enjoyed each other's company and are best of friends. They will certainly miss each other but I know they will both get plenty of attention in their new homes.

We are celebrating the upcoming Fourth of July holiday early.  :+)

Elvis at 11 weeks and 13 lbs. of squeezably soft fur.

Merry Pippin.  Eleven weeks and 8 lbs. - a firecracker.  :+)

Tomorrow, I am delivering both these babies in Massachusetts.  I am meeting Elvis' owners in one town (their second doodle from me); and on my way back home, visiting Pippin's new home and her guardian, Rosemary. Certainly a day of anticipation for some and a touch of sadness for me.  Another litter placed in great homes with great people.  My sadness is brief.  :+)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It was a last minute change in a contract that allowed me to keep Emmett and place him in a guardian home. Emmett was not only gorgeous as a puppy but was also a sweet, cuddly boy that loved meeting people and experiencing new things. The mating between Figgy Puddin and Tango Wool Rodeo was an excellent match - their pups were wonderfully tempered as well as beautiful.

Emmett at 8 months. 

The pic on the left is Emmett at 8 months, showing a handsome face, silky coat and friendly demeanor. His guardian was doing an excellent job of keeping him socialized and exercised which are critical in the first year.

This is Emmett at his home at 11 months old. I, as well as others, are very enthusiastically greeted by this handsome boy.

I love a doodle with great structure and Emmett is no exception. He stands well balanced and moves like the wind.  I am told 'he has springs in his feet'.

I adore the black and white pic on the left. Jane, his guardian, says he sits there often to look at who or what is walking down their street. I guess it is a form of entertainment for him.  The stuffed toy in his mouth makes this shot even cuter.  :+)

What his guardian has to say about Emmett:

'I knew Emmett was special even as a puppy. He was the smallest of the litter but he managed to do everything the big kids did. He had and still has great self confidence and determination.

He is such a great companion, spunky and mischievous but also so affectionate and cuddly. He gets along great with other dogs, especially the Wheaton Terrier around the corner who is his best friend and who is teaching him to swim in the river near our house.

When he goes from the deck to the backyard he doesn't bother with the 5 steps - just sails off the deck and takes off running. He seems to strut when he walks. Did I mention that he is gorgeous? His hair is curly but so silky and soft, and he has the absolutely cutest little face. He goes everywhere with me and is always interested in everything around him, he is smart but can be stubborn and sometimes a little bit bad. He has a great personality.  I can't imagine my life without him.'  Jane.

  • DOB:  June 12, 2013 out of Annabelle's Figgy Puddin' and Tango Wool Copelands Rodeo.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  17 inches and 28 lbs. at one year.  Color DNA is BbEe - Black, curly fleece but carries for cream/apricot/chocolate.  He does not carry for the parti genes but does carry the phantom 'at' gene. 
  • PRA - Cleared through parentage. Copies provided.
  • von Willebrand Disease - Cleared through parentage. Copies provided.
  • DM - (Degenerative Myelopathy) Normal. DDC Labs #54530
  • Hips - PennHIP done at a year is .28/.28 (90+ %).  OFA Hip Prelims is rated as Excellent.
  • Elbows - OFA Prelim is Normal.  Will be OFA Certified when 2 years old.
  • OFA Patellar Luxation (knees) - Certified Normal. OFA #HY-PA762/12M/P-VPI
  • OFA Legg-Calves-Perthes - Certified Normal. OFA #HY-LP59.12M-VPI
  • Thyroid and Blood Chemistries are Normal. 3/28/16 Hemolife - HML#62727
  • IC - Optigen #13-12117 is Normal.  Emmett does not carry the Incorrect Coat gene.
  • CERF - 10/27/15, 10/9/16 - PPM Iris to Iris. 'Clinical observations that may be inherited but do not represent current potential compromise of ocular comfort, vision or other ocular functions.' OFA Eye Certification #HY-EYE132/28M-VPI.
  • Echocardiogram (Heart) - Normal 11/4/14 Cardiologist: OFA#HY-CA1150/16M/C-VPI-ECHO
  • EIC - Clear through parental testing. Copies provided.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's POOL weather!

After doing some errands this morning, I realized how warm it was upon my return. Both Elvis and Pippin were in the shade under one of the clubhouses.

I grabbed the hose and started to fill the Tug Boat pool.  Both pups were very curious about what I was doing.  It did not take long at all for them to enjoy the cool water.  :+)

Elvis: 'Really, is this for us?'

'It does look inviting'.

'Get in here, Elvis'!

'I'm coming!'

Elvis going back in and Pippin jumping out with a water toy.

'What other toys are in there, Elvis?'

'I want it, no...I want it!'

'Someone needs to steer this boat, states Captain Pippin!'

Sunday, June 15, 2014


If you are in New England, I know a gorgeous day has dawned for all you dads to enjoy.  So, go golfing, fishing, sailing - whatever you enjoy to make this day very special.  I know there are a couple of them enjoying the antics of the new pup that joined their family yesterday.  :+)  For the sake of one dad that is still waiting for Elvis to join their household - not much longer to wait, so enjoy the pics below until then.

Annabelle continues to teach the pups dog manners each day.

Elvis with his cute 'socks'.  :+)

Pippin is happy to announce that she has a guardian home!

Although much bigger, Elvis is pretty gentle with Pippin.


Elvis reminds me of the stuffed toy above.  :+)

Elvis lying down is nearly as tall as Pippin standing!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tillie's pups have all gone home!

Smiles abound!  Both Sir Winston and Daisy went home on schedule, Saturday June 14th. Then Elvis and Merry Pippin were placed with their families on Saturday, June 21st.

Bright and early this morning, Sir Winston was on his way to Wisconsin!
Wishing for a safe and quiet trip all the way home.  :+)

A bit later, Daisy Bell had her turn. I am sure this family will provide Daisy with lots
of cuddling and petting. Daisy has already taught one of them how to do a 'belly rub'.  :+)

Finally, Elvis is with his family.  They have been anxiously waiting.
I am sure the 'Big Apple' is ready for another Elvis.  :+)

Merry Pippin will have a big sister to cuddle with and show her the ropes.
Her guardians will now have a doodle for each lap.  Lucky girl.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Oh boy, we needed the rain but....

So, today they are 10 weeks old and both Sir Winston and Daisy will be going home tomorrow. Elvis and Pippin will be here another week.

Let's just say that the rain does not hinder these pups going outside to play and frolic. This is a good thing as many new pups will not go outdoors to potty in the rain but I don't think there will be a problem with this bunch.

To celebrate the rain, we donned some raincoats and sort of posed under a polka dot umbrella. That is - AFTER we were outside playing in the downpour.  Ahhhh... pups are like children - every element is a playground.  :+)

Elvis weighs 11 1/2 lbs. and would rather be outdoors playing.

Pippin is 7 1/2 lbs. of  tousled, wet fluff!

Even wet, Sir Winston looks distinquished.  8 lbs.

Daisy is barely wet. She likes to be prim and proper.  10 3/4 lbs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Please review the 'Supply List' as you prepare to bring your puppy home!

Pup Supplies

Here are some items that you should consider when preparing for your new Labradoodle puppy. You may not need everything listed before your puppy arrives, but this list is intended to help you consider all your puppy's basic needs.

Paper towels (a lot of paper towels :)
Old Towels for Crate
Once puppy is reliably crate trained, a "real" crate bed can be used.
Old Blanket or Towel(s) to cover wire Crate to make pup feel like it is a 'den'
Cotton balls for cleaning ears or the cosmetic flat cotton ovals (used for make up removal).
Acrylic (Fake) Nail file, cardboard with sandpaper type, for smoothing nails
Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting, if necessary)
100% Pure canned Pumpkin (from the baking isle of your grocery store) Pumpkin is a good source of fiber. When puppy has diarrhea or constipation, a tablespoon or two with every meal for several days should help alleviate symptoms. Freeze excess in ice cube tray.
Baby Gate(s)
Try baby supply stores - generally more choices and cheaper than pet stores (Beware that horizontal bars provide a foot-hold for climbing puppies. Also consider spacing between bars, as some times it is large enough for little puppies to get caught)

General from your Pet Supply Store:
Nature's Miracle (gallon size) or similar stain/odor neutralizer
Bitter Apple (bitter taste deters dogs from biting, licking, and chewing) If that does not work, try HOT Tobasco Sauce.
Pooper Scooper & bags
Food and water bowls (stainless steel or ceramic - careful about bowls/toys from China!)
Storage bin for dry food
Adjustable Nylon collar w/plastic clasp and leash is provided.
Most clients like a 'fancier' set for when their pup gets older. :+)

One of the best harnesses to use on your dog is an Easy Walk Harness.  This company has them for the least expensive price and they make such a difference when walking your dog by their unique construction.  When your dog pulls, it redirects the dog to turn and look at you for instruction and control.  Highly, highly recommended!
I.D. Tag
(e.g. See for their flat collar tags for adjustable collars. They also sell collars with tags included for the smaller sized dogs).
6 foot (1.8 m) leash provided
15 foot (4.6 m) or longer (up to 50 foot (15 m)) training leash(es)
Plastic Crate for crate training. (Puppies get teeth and tags caught in wire crates)
Check with for great prices!
Travel Crate for car until puppy is big enough to wear a car harness (I recommend Champion System Harnesses.) I also think having a bottle of Rescue Remedy or other type of herbal 'anxiety' help in herbal form is a good thing for traveling. I have found that Ginger crystals are great for settling stomachs prior to travel.

Food and Treats:
Puppy Food
A list has been provided on the AnnaBlog Index.
Puppy Treats (e.g. Zukes and Old Mother Hubbard make a good one).
Training Treats
Soft treats work best for training. Pieces of cheese, hotdogs, or homemade Liver Training Treats. (Zuke's Z Filets are great!)

There is a vitamin, mineral, herbal supplement that I highly recommend called Canine Wellness Mix. The pups are fed this every day and my adult dogs eat it daily as well. It is an excellent immune system booster, provides healthy digestion, repels insects and much more.

(UPDATE:  The above website link goes to the right company.  They just renamed their pet products 'Pet Wellness' rather than 'Canine Wellness Blend'.  Same place, people, products - just an updated website.)

Good Chews and Toys:
Medium or Large Kong Toy
Stuffed Dog Toys w/ squeakers
Balls (squeaky rubber balls)
Rope toys (e.g. Booda bones)
Bully Sticks for chewing and nutrition.
I prefer no raw hide type chews - many dogs get sick from them or diarrhea.

Grooming Supplies:
Brush - I like the Les Pooches Brushes in N.Y. and the type of brushes that have the individual 'pins' that spin on their axis called The Untangler Mini Rake. You can find it on line or at Agway Feed Stores.
Medium tooth Comb
Blunt tipped curved blade scissors
Toothbrush Kit (not necessary if you feed the raw diet - raw bones do wonders!)
Puppy Shampoo
Puppy Conditioner / Grooming Spray
Ear Wash solution
Plier-style nail clippers w/nail guard
Blood Stop Powder

Additional Items:
Bell to hang by back door. (Usually I make or provide one for you.)
Helps with house training, they learn to ring the bell to alert you that they need to go out. Some use large craft bells, some use cow bells.

Recommendations include: "The Dog Listener", "Puppies for Dummies", and many more...
Make appointment with Vet for new puppy wellness check up. (Required)
Start shopping for Obedience classes

Lots of Love and Patience :) HEAVY DOLLOPS OF THIS ONE!


Thanks to for comprising much of the above list.


 (so important for potty/training success) 

Typical daily routine(adapted from Berkshire Hills Labradoodles)
6 - 6:30 Wake up / potty

6 - 7 Breakfast / potty

7 - 9 Potty / play / train / potty

9 - 12 Nap

12 - 1 Potty / lunch / potty

1 - 2 Play / train / potty

2 - 5 Nap

5 - 6 Potty / play / train

6 - 8 Dinner / potty / play / train / potty

8 - 10 Potty / quiet time / snuggling

10 - 11 Potty / bedtime

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The rain held off, so I was able to take some pics of the pups today.

Often during the day, I will go out with them and toss a ball or toy, etc. just to get them to potty and mingle. Here are several shots I took at random.

Gathering around the toy I threw.

I wonder what Sir Winston is thinking about?

Look at the size difference between Elvis and Pippin!

Sweet Daisy and adorable Pippin.

Elvis showing off to Daisy.

Love this shot of Elvis!

Daisy is such a content pup.  Just goes about her business.

Chasing a ball.

Coming when called with ears a'flappin'!

Sharing a pine branch.  

I think I have all the paperwork done and their bags are packed.  I will soon be saying 'Goodbye' to both Sir Winston and Daisy Saturday morning.  I hope their owners are ready!