Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Presenting...a Tunnel Dialogue by: Olive's Pups


I decided to introduce the pups to a small tunnel. It is plastic and doesn't last long, but while it is around, the pups usually love it. The story unfolds.....

'Hey, look...there is a new 'thing' in our pen', says Red Girl.

'What do we do with it? Do we jump on it?'

'No, I think we roll it.'

'Should we be inside when we roll it?'

'Uh...don't think so, cause it won't move now'.

'Guys, I don't think this is right.'

'Maybe I can pull it down with this string hanging down!'

'Or, we could try squishing it.'

'I can't get under it.'

'I need to think about this.'

'Finally, it is down where it needs to be.'

'I am exhausted and am taking a nap! And, I am keeping this string in my mouth so it can't get away again!'

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Olive's litter is SIX WEEKS OLD!

The weather has been terrific, so they spend most of their time outside in the nursery. After I feed them breakfast, it is necessary to vacuum and wash everything, so I take each one out individually to enjoy the shade, smells and noises of the outdoors. I play in the activity area a lot with my mature dogs, so they watch us and are entertained. It won't be long before I put the puppy tugboat down and fill it with water for them to play in. They are served lunch outdoors each day.

Once they are in for the night, they have dinner and then I clean and spray down the entire nursery area in preparation for the next day.

We are getting lots of visitors now and they continue through tomorrow and Monday as well. Sometimes, they are sleeping during these visits and other times awake. They are still babies and have very small periods of being playful. As they age, they get VERY playful and mouthy and you kind of wish for more nap periods!!!

This is one of the 'sweet' caramels - Blue Boy. He is a good greeter. :+) 5.8 lbs.

Teal Boy will be a deep apricot and seems to enjoy some action. We will see how he scores with the trainer. 5.12 lbs.

If Black Boy passes the prelim testing, he will be added to my program as a potential stud and be placed in a guardian home. 5.8 lbs.

Red Girl continues to be the smallest and most compact pup in the litter. Her coat is slightly different - thick, straighter than the rest but I feel will be beautiful as an adult. 4.4 lbs.

Purple Girl LOVES belly rubs and will simply roll over to get them. :+) 5.12 lbs.

Talk about a 'chunk of caramel'. Green Girl loves to eat. Both she and Blue boy have hazel eyes and liver noses. 6.8 lbs.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother Nature surprises us!!!!

Thank goodness I decided to let all my dogs out into the puppy playground this morning! It is my fenced area, so they were totally contained because....

Mommy Duck and her eight ducklings decided to take their morning dip in our newly opened pool!!!!

We had not added chemicals or cleaned it yet as it is a long process, but this was certainly a wonderful way to start our morning. :+)

They were having a wonderful time of it.

Then Momma Duck decided it was time to leave and she hopped out, but....
the baby ducks could not because the water was not high enough! Oh no!!

Momma Duck called and called, but to no avail. She tried one corner of the pool....

and then the opposite corner but they could not reach the decking.

So I decided to take action and put in a reed rug on the corner. It is lightweight and floats on top of the pool and maybe the ducklings could use it as a ladder! With mom encouraging them, they approached.

Yeah, most of them could get on it, but there was the littlest duckling that wasn't quite there yet. Come on, little guy!

There he did it! And off they all marched down the driveway to our pond! Such a pleasant morning to see this unfold successfully. :+)

Camden with Olive's pups.

Are these shots not adorable? My guardian home prospect is showing her maternal instincts are strong. Camden has shown excessive interest in Olive's pups, so I finally let her in to interact with them. She is so gentle and sweet as they gather around her.

She even assumes the position to nurse and is very tolerant.

Teal Boy snuggles with her as Camden smiles. I sure hope she passes testing as this type of temperament is what breeders dream of. :+)

Saturday, June 19, 2010



Camden is a pup from the Maple x Rumple litter. She is 15 weeks old in these pictures. Camden was placed in a lovely home but unfortunately, their allergies to dog saliva was difficult to manage. As with all puppies, Camden chews her toys and is still mouthy but this is a slow learning curve. However, when you are allergic to a dog's saliva - EVERYTHING they touch with their mouth becomes a welt waiting to rise when touched by people with this allergy. Sadly, we all agreed that she should come back to me to find another guardian home that DOES NOT have dog saliva allergies.

Here are pics of the many sides of Camden!

This is her demure personality. Sweet, cuddly and wanting to snuggle close. Her coat is a very soft fleece that will have some curl to it. She will be a creamy apricot color with darker ears and carries the parti gene to pass down to her pups. Did you notice those amazing lashes?

Tugging is great fun and Camden loves to wrestle with the best of them!

She also can stretch her legs way up.......

as well as straight back behind her. Perhaps Pilate's is in her future???

She loves to run and play with other dogs - after being properly introduced, of course!

Here is a side view of Camden laying down....

and one of her standing up.

Her back view shows lovely balance, correct foot alignment and perfect leg height to her body.

Her facial expressions say it all. :+)

Please inquire at 207-676-5579 if you are interested in being a LOCAL guardian home for this lovely pup.

Olive's litter exploring the outdoor pen (4 to 5 wks)

Friday was lovely and very warm. The pups seemed rather hot in the puppy room and since I had cleaned the 'nursery' outside earlier that morning, I decided to let them in it in the afternoon.

I was surprised that they were not at all frightened of the new environment! They all immediately put their noses to the ground and started investigating. Nice to see. :+)

Here is Red Girl showing off her skills on the mini tunnel. Here she enters....

scoots across the top....

and down she goes! GREAT JOB!

All the pups love these ramps. I don't know what it is about them but they all have to climb up and down them many times. The textures in this nursery are great for their footpads as they experience the feeling of different surfaces.

They needed to look in every corner and cranny as is typical of pups. Eventually the blue boat pool will be filled with water for them to enjoy as the summer progresses. Right now, it is just taking up space.

Yep, here goes Teal Boy on the ramp AGAIN!

Olive's 5 wk. old litter - individual shots with weights.

This boy should really be a stud. I may broach his prospective owner about my guardian program as he has some great possibilities for the breeding community. 4 1/4 lbs.

Teal Boy loves being outdoors and is an entertaining fellow who loves to be involved in whatever is going on. 4 3/4 lbs.

Purple Girl shines like an October full moon - bright and gorgeous! 4 1/2 lbs.

Green Girl keeps getting stuck next to the outdoor puppy boat and tries to climb over it! She is not quite big enough yet, but insists on trying! 5 lbs.

'Lil Mighty Mite' aka Red Girl is small and powerful like a microchip! 3 1/4 lbs.

Blue Boy reminds me of Richard Gere in the movie 'An Officer and a Gentleman' - handsome, stable and a touch of mischief. 4 1/2 lbs.