Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here we are at 11 weeks old!

FINALLY! The information you have been waiting for - who is going to whom! I know that all of you know which pup is yours, but now everyone else will know too. Here we go!

This handsome boy will now be known as 'PADFOOT'. He will be called 'Paddy' by his owners the 'Wollers' which includes two boys who adore the Harry Potter books. (Just like me!) They are very busy settling into their new home and getting ready for their new addition! Paddy sports the same gentle nature of his dad, Rumple.

Paddy at 11 weeks old weighs: 12.8 lbs. (Orange Boy)

The 'Simpson-Banker family' are anxiously waiting for this curly, black beauty now named 'LEIA, Queen of the Ewoks'. It seems we are full of people who love the fantasy books!

Leia weighs 12 lbs. at 11 weeks. Formerly known as Rainbow Girl.

Silky, shiny 'NAPLES' was named after the location of his mistress's grandparents here in Maine! He will be taking a roadtrip to Pennsylvania with the 'Halverson' family.

Naples weighs 13.12 lbs. and had been called Black Collar Boy previously.

I have heard that this little guy will be called 'DEISEL', but am not positive of the name nor the spelling! Hopefully, I will know soon!! In any event, he is the one that scurries under a table, chair or stool whenever I try to put the pups back into their pen! I really think he wants the extra attention. :+) I am sure David and Paul are going to enjoy this little guy!

Deisel is now weighing 10.9 lbs. at 11 weeks. (Turquoise Boy)

Well, the Czarnecki family have named this guy 'MC DUFF' . His Irish name fits him perfectly. He is full of fun & playfulness with a sparkle in his eye! :+) Formerly known as Green Boy, he has always been the biggest, brawniest pup since birth. He prances around the kitchen like he wears a badge saying 'I am in charge'! (Clara does NOT believe him.)

Today Mc Duff weighed in at 14.8 lbs.

Annabelle's 'OLIVE OYL' will remain with us at the Tabor Homestead until I find the right Guardian Home for her. She has a soft, gentle nature and lives to cuddle and give face washes. I love her shiny, wavy coat and sweet face. I don't expect Olive to be very large, perhaps a 30 pounder soaking wet. She would make a wonderful Therapy Dog.

She weighs 11.4 lbs.

Annabelle's 'Clara Belle' is full of spunk. :+) She will remain with us, along with Olive, until the right local Guardian Home happens by. Clara is a confident pup that holds her own in any situation. She is a lovable bit of fluff that just keeps us laughing. She is quite the instigator and not for the faint of heart. She even bites my mop like her mom use to do as a pup! Too cute for her own benefit. :+)

Clara Belle is 12 lbs. this week.

Red Boy's owners live pretty close by in Portsmouth, NH. Both Carina and Aaron are photographers - so I am expecting lots of pics from them! They are not positive about a name yet, so I continue to call him 'Red'. He is another big boy with a very soft personality. His home comes with two female cats who, I am sure, will inform him who is boss.

Aaron has been very busy planning his 'safe area' in their open floor plan. Red Boy is a hefty 13.8 lbs.

Everytime I look at this pup the word 'demure' comes to mind. We have been honored by the Grays who have named him 'TABOR'. I guess he will have to be our 'grandchild' until two-legged ones are born, huh?

Tabor is a sensitive dog that will benefit with the nurturing environment and patience a retired couple can give him. Always willing to play but content to just cuddle too. Should be a wonderful dog for the grandchildren, too.

Tabor's weight is 12.8 lbs. (Navy Boy)

Our 'road trip'!

Well, it all started last night. Naturally, it was snowing. It really wasn't predicted, but Mother Nature listens to no one, least of all the weatherman. :+( I knew I had to take all the pups for their eye certifications today, so I weathered the snow, ice and cold to rearrange my car to fit all of the pups comfortably. After taking all the necessities out of the car that I keep in there 'just in case', I folded down the backseats, put matting down, and placed one of my smaller x-pens in there. I attached the small 'people jump over' fence to the x-pen at my hatch opening so I could reach in and get them easier. :+) For the first time, I had an uneventful trip to the CERF vet. All nine were quite happy and no one cried. For the nearly three hours they were in there, I had only three pups urinate. No one pooped! WOW!!

Here they are looking out the back door! You can't see everyone but they were quite the show in the parking lot. I am also VERY happy to report that everyone had a clean bill and were perfect ladies and gentlemen.

10 Week Weights!

Hi all!

These are their 10 week weights - sorry I have been remiss in posting them at the proper time.

NAVY BOY is 11.12 lbs.
RED BOY is 13.0 lbs.
ORANGE BOY is 12.5 lbs.
OLIVE OYL is 10.9 lbs.
BLACK BOY is 13.4 lbs.
GREEN BOY is 14 lbs.!!!
CLARA BELLE is 10.12 lbs.
TURQUOISE BOY is 10 lbs. - He has finally matched his weight with his age. :+)
RAINBOW GIRL is 11.5 lbs.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Puppy playtime!

My husband Carl has been getting into playing with the pups now that they are in the 'rough and tumble' stage!

In this first pic I finally got all nine of them in one shot! :+)

Oh those sharp nails and teeth!

Now that they have some good playing, they are beginning to settle and enjoy the pats. :+)

Puppies have their own bowls now.


Here is a pic of all the pups enjoying their own bowls of food rather than the large 'community bowls'. I look like a comedy chef trying to maneuver into the pens balancing nine bowls of food!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oops, I forgot to give you their 9 week weights!

Here they are:

Navy Blue is 10.4 lbs.
Red Boy is 11.2 lbs.
Orange Boy is 11.0 lbs.
Purple Girl 'Olive' is 9.4 lbs.
Black Boy is 11.8 lbs.
Green Boy is 12.0 lbs.
Pink Girl 'Clara Belle' is 9.8 lbs.
Turquoise Boy is 8.8 lbs.
Rainbow Girl is 11.4 lbs.

We got through Week 8 very well, with nothing negative affecting the puppies. They are doing great with my Craftsman Vacuum cleaner's noise in their pen. Some pups even try to bite it as I clean (it is usually Clara, Rainbow and Turquoise). I usually let them out to run about the kitchen when I do this, but all of them take turns running back into the pup room to check on how I am doing and to use the potty pool. There have been some potty mistakes and when that happens, I restrict them to the pup room for longer periods and let them out for shorter times. I have learned that if I go into their pen FIRST and sit down and have some conversation about hygiene, and THEN get them excited enough to potty while I am in the room, I don't have messes to clean after their kitchen romp. I lure them back in with a snack or their meal.

By the way, they now get fed with individual bowls in hopes that this will deter them from being 'gobblers' when they come to you.

Karen, the trainer, is coming on Tuesday! THIS IS THE WEEK YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR - PUP ASSIGNMENTS!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Somebody (s) want to wish you a..................

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Turquoise boy is very happy to shout it out! :+) He is also eating the Valentine Heart feathers!!!

Orange Boy is in his 'Tails' and bringing his new family a big RED heart!

No one gets into the spirit more than Rainbow Girl! Tee Hee! What a character she is. :+)

Carrying his tender heart on his sleeve, Red Boy wonders who will get to love him.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you had lots of chocolate, kisses and hugs!

More of a good thing!

Glamorous Olive is sporting her Valentine's Day bow and was chewing her headband prior to this pick. She is such a lap dog! I am patiently waiting for the right Guardian Family to come along.

Ahhhh! Navy Blue Boy sporting his 'Black Tie' and lying on his heart, just waiting for his new family to be confirmed.

Black Color Boy is keeping his heart very close and will give it all to his new family.

We are interviewing a family for Miss Clara Belle soon. If all goes well, this girl will be spending many Valentine's Days in ribbons and bows.

This big boy has a huge heart of gold...oops, I mean red. Lots of love to go around. :+)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kate & Emily come to visit!

Emily and her mother own two of our doodles. Emily enjoys her black doodle, Toby from Harriet's last litter and Kate is a guardian for Maple Sugar, who was Annabelle's singleton. They stop by often to purchase our dog food and always bring their doodles for me to cuddle and take pictures of! I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy those frequent visits.

As an extra benefit, both of them are great at socializing my new litters. Here is Emily getting covered in doodles!

Then the full 'face wash' - one for each side! :+)

And finally .... a hug.

Thanks so much for coming to visit ladies! The puppies and I always look forward to the next one! Hugs and kisses to Toby and Maple! :+)

The surgeries have begun.


Today the first two of the litter went in for their neuters. Since Green and Red boys were the biggest of the litter, I decided they should go first. Bloodwork was taken, hearts monitored, and a general check up to be sure that there were no 'problems' that would compromise the use of anesthesia. I had to have them there by 8:30 AM and pick them up at 6:30 PM. When I got there, they had to be awakened as they were sleeping together all nice and cuddly.

Once home, I gave them each some pain meds mixed in with their first feeding in nearly 24 hours! Poor boys were very hungray, but I have to feed in small portions, several times, spaced apart or else they will get sick.

Red boy is already feeling quite frisky and is jumping on the fence!

Green boy is taking it easy and sees no need to be stretching those stitches!

They did extremely well and have to be separated from their littermates (via yet another reconfiguration of x-pens) for about three days or so. This will enhance their healing as it limits excessive wrestling and possible 'popping' or pulling' of their stitches. So they will have to visit with their littermates through the fence. So far, no ill effects of their surgeries. :+)
(Sorry about the pics not being very clear, it is night-time.)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I have created MONSTERS!

I am kidding, of course! BUT....since I have allowed them into the kitchen for fun and games - just like children, they want to be there ALL THE TIME! :+) They do have so much fun and then they settle down. I take this opportunity to spend time cuddling and showing them how to sit down properly to be patted. We have soft 'one on one' conversations about life in general until the next pup interferes. Reminds me so much of my four children wanting my attention at once.
This is them at their best...sniffing and exploring.

They always look to see where I am, but when I ask them to come into thier pen, well.......

they turn quickly and scurry away! ha, ha!

Life is way too interesting in the kitchen.

Although there are many wood chips to vacuum up after playtime, and a typical mop up for those who 'forgot' where the potty box is, it is a small price to pay for the sheer joy of watching them explore. Oh, they also had their first taste of Tobasco Sauce. Yuck! yuck! yuck! was the unaminous reaction. It is important for them to know the the step is okay for them to chew, my mopboards are not!! Learning is hard work.

I have created MONSTERS! Part 2

Here are some cute singles. They crack me up taking 'turns' of being King/Queen of the wooden step in front of my couch in the kitchen.

Here is Mr. Green Boy, who claimed the 'throne' first. :+) So darn cute.

Orange Boy wanted to see where I was and came to check on me cleaning their pen. Blue Boy was simply keeping an eye (or two) on me as well.

I could NOT resist this shot! What a smile!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Casual 8 week individual pics of the pups.

Green Boy is the most active pup in the litter at the moment. Always alert and eager to play. Thankfully, he enjoys his naps too.

Black Boy gets along with all and is even mannered.

Rainbow Girl! Energetic, funny and full of herself. Just look at that face.

Orange Boy is serious. He is the first one to complain if I don't get their food fast enough - how rude!!! :+) A gentle nature with a hearty appetite.

Clara Belle. Inquisitive, boisterous, confident and a handful. :+)

I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop with this litter. Biting to date, has been minimal. I can't believe that my 'bit inhibition' techniques have been that successful. Also, I have been working on jumping and am hopeful to have that curtailed. My goal is to really have a steady 'sit' on each pup before they go home so that the first word out of your mouth when you receive them is 'Sit!' If we all work hard on this, none of these pups should become jumpers.

Professionals claim that you must be very careful with the eighth week of life with a pup. Negative experiences that happen during this week can last a lifetime. So I will spend this week with lots of pats, no new introductions, individual personal training time and provide only positive instruction and introduce treat rewards for correct behavior.

Casual 8 week individual pics of the pups. Part 2

Red Boy is rugged and a rather calm, independent soul at 8 weeks. He has been coming out of his shyness lately. :+)

Turquoise Boy was quite an active youngster; now he seems to have brought it down a notch or two.

Olive Oyl is a very sweet girl, who is very willing to cuddle.

Navy Blue Boy is rather quiet and quite the gentleman.

Here are their 8 week weights!


They are chow hounds! So far doing very well eating carrots, green beans, peas, and mixed veggies. They also eat canned sardines and canned salmon with brown rice and enjoy that as well. They have tried small bits of green Tripe (a gourmet meal addition) and mussells! Being a 'water dog' combination, it isn't unusual for them to love seafood. This is along with the ground raw chicken and bones. I have also begun giving them whole pieces of chicken like wings, thighs and drumsticks that are cut up a bit. They love chewing those!

Prologue to our vet visit.

I like to prepare the pups for their first outing and I do this by letting them run free in my kitchen with the crates on the floor. This allows for their natural curiosity to investigate and not be fearful of them.

In no time, they have found their comfort zone.

Blue Boy is wondering when we are leaving. Can you say 'male mentality'? :+)

It appears Annabelle is giving them kisses goodbye and a ' have a nice trip' speech.

Red Boy is hoping that he can stay home. (Chuckle). I did not forget him.

This first 'official' vet visit was for the DHPP puppy shot. They are scheduled to get their second shot for this on March 10th. at 12 weeks. You will then only have to give them their third shot at 16 weeks of age. In between these shots, they will be neutered/spayed in three separate visits. I will, of course, post about these when they are done.

Our Vet Visit

I thought you might want to have a 'look - see' of my vet's office. :+) This is the lobby and it is wide, spacious and always clean.

We are then given our own room. The vets and technicians just love my 'two story' pet carriage! It has certainly been the cat's meow for me. :+) At 8 weeks old, I can put three pups in each level. Because I had nine pups to transport, I also needed a normal crate to carry the other three.

Here, Rainbow Girl is wondering just where the heck she is! She is quite the investigator - such a female!!!

This is Lisa (vet tech) and she adores the doodles! I sometimes have a hard time getting them to return them to me!! Red Boy is in good hands. :+) Everytime I come with pups, the vet techs try and sneak into the room to play with them - too funny.