Saturday, March 31, 2007

Really, what do all those website logos mean?

I am delving into a political arena with this post as I try to put a perspective to what I view as 'misleading information'. Please do your own research to see if you come out with the same questions that I do.

As you peruse websites, you are obviously impressed by those breeders who seem to display numerous 'logos' that show membership in various organizations. Just what do those logos really mean? Is it just a form of glorified advertising or do they have any substance? Who do they really benefit? Are all of them necessary to belong to? Why?

From where I sit, there are two organizations worthy of serious consideration if you are looking for a doodle. Keep in mind, no two breeders offer the same program, have identical mindsets, or agree on infusions or outcrossing to other breeds. However, both require some serious health testing.
  • First and foremost is the PREMIUM BREEDERS site. This listing was started after other organizations were in full swing with members, board of directors and even required client feedback. All these original organizations were informative and some provided excellent links for research and reading which was of great benefit to many. But what was seriously lacking was the inclusion of 'written proof of testing for health' from the breeders themselves. Most claimed they did testing on their websites, but very few could prove it. The PREMIUM BREEDERS listing was the first of its kind for numerous (not just basic) mandatory testing of all foundation and multi-generational stock. This was not the case for any of the other organizations at the time. The PREMIUM BREEDERS site set the stage for defining quality breeding programs.
  • The second group is the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). The ALAA members are advised to 'upgrade' in a timely fashion or face removal.  These are the kind of     consequences that will continually improve the health of our hybrid.
These two organizations imply ethical breeding  by action and proof - not promises and clever marketing, BUT it is up to the individual looking for a Labradoodle to REQUEST seeing PROOF OF ALL TESTS claimed on any breeder's site or through any organization. So when you are searching for a breeder to purchase from, ask for copies of test results.   No proof?  Move on. 

I have often wondered if some of the yearly fees associated with belonging to those organizations are justified. Some are pretty steep and others are very reasonable. This brings us back to my original question about logos. I have come to the following conclusion:

'Logos are like stickers you see on cars - some are worth reading and others just take up space'

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Indigestion or.........??

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This morning I heard 'aaaack, aaaackk...' I thought, 'someone has to go outside - and quickly'! Both Harriet and I ran down the hall and got the door open just in time for her to display 'Morning Sickness'!!! I believe the semen have landed and are replicating. :+) I have scheduled a palpation from her vet for April 17th to 'confirm my suspicions'. Very exciting!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rumple is so fine. :+)

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Rumple is such a gentle man. I decided to trim him up before I deliver him to his guardian family. He was so patient and even turned over so that I could trim his belly. Of course, belly rubs were his ultimate goal (smart as well as exceedingly charming!)
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Harriet's Prince Charming 's name is Zaccheus!

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This is 'Happy Zaccheus'. That big smile is because he and Harriet 'tied the knot' a few minutes prior. (blush..)

What a gentleman he is. A beautiful soft curly coat of fleece and wool which is wonderful for allergy sufferers. A true mini of barely 16 inches and 21 lbs. A very 'distinctive' mini man who is very well behaved and cuddled on the lap of his owner. He comes from a wonderful pedigree background of Australian Labradoodle Multigens and excellent, proven testing results.

We are so hoping that their tryst will result in a litter of curly Australian Multigens in colors of creams, chocolate/cafes and little 'replicas' of black Zacks!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rumple's arrival!

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Finally- after months and months of waiting, our new stud has finally landed at the Tabor Homestead! He is beyond my wildest expectations. His face is adorable, his soft, soft, perfect fleece coat dances with the slightest of movement. His prance is so fluid and graceful. I am so thrilled with everything about him. He loves to cuddle, cocks his head to listen to you and said 'hello' to his ladies like a favorite cousin that was away for a trip and returned. My Guardian family is going to be 'over the moon' with this fellow!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Look at these happy faces!

Harriet's last litter was just too tempting for little Dave (front) who has always wanted a puppy and has been asking and asking. With his pleas to his mom and dad (in pic) and the help of his Aunt and Uncle, Dave's dreams came true. 'Brady' is a full fledged member of the Costello family and I think Dave's smile says it all.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Perhaps DOUBLE the fun????

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Guess what? Annabelle decided it was time to have another litter and cycled early, and Harriet FINALLY decided to not be outdone by Mom, so she is cycling too.

Now the way it was suppose to happen was for Harriet to be mated first and then Annabelle would follow soon after. Instead, I will be blessed with two litters and there will be a fabulous assortment available. Annabelle will be mated to a knockout redhead and have a litter of gorgeous deep reds/apricots. Harriet will compliment this with creams, chocolate/cafes and some shiny black 'patent leather' as her Prince Charming is dark and handsome!

Sizes will be from roughly 20 to 35 +/- lbs. and approximately 16 to 19 inches. Accepting applications for both litters at this posting. :+)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What a way to start the day - Rumple, Annabelle and Trout!

Either I have been a very good girl, the stars are aligned, or an angel is watching over me. Today, I heard from Krista of Rainmaker Ranch, who has been lovingly raising my gorgeous cafe' stud puppy. Named 'Rumple Sticks', he has remained with Krista so that all his prelim testing will be done prior to being shipped to me later this month.

I am estatic to say that his test scores have been outstanding, with the latest news being an OFA prelim of EXCELLENT! Of course, all these tests will have to be repeated when he is a year and before breeding with him, but what a wonderful way to start! :+)

Then, my precious and bodacious Annabelle began her cycle and she will be bred with an exceedingly healthy (90th percentile PennHip) stud muffin with the unique name of 'Trout'. This Californian redhead has a stunning soft fleece coat of curls in a color most woman only dream about. Annabelle and Trout should produce some gorgeous third generation American Multigen apricot-red puppies with coats that will stop traffic!

Of course, now that Annabelle has come into heat, this should throw Harriet Potter (who has been really dragging her paws) into her cycle and it will be a three ring circus around here!! :+) Please bring balloons.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Princess and the Pea

Dreaming of Prince Charming.

It appears that Harriet is quite comfortable on her stack of multiple beds. Doesn't she remind you of the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea' all curled up so warm and comfy? I KNOW her prince is anxious to meet her. :+) Come on Harriet, it is not polite to have a guy waiting!

Let us hope all this relaxation will prepare her well for motherhood this summer.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Oh, patience really IS a virtue!


Sometimes you just need to throw out all the charts, dates, and typical calculations that a breeder uses to have an idea of when her girl will need 'a date' with a handsome fella. You absolutely MUST submit to the fact that Mother Nature knows best.

Given this fact, I sit here twiddling my thumbs, waiting for Harriet to show me the 'signs'. The young man is waiting, I am waiting, clients are interested and waiting and Harriet Potter digs in the mud and snow looking for moles. :+(

I sometimes wonder if she does contrive with the 'wizard' that is her namesake!

Hopefully, news will be forthcoming soon!