Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some of the happy families.

Blue Collar Boy, now known as 'Jeb Stuart' went to New York.

Yellow Collar Boy went to a Giants fan family and is named 'Tiki Barber'.

Cindy was so excited to finally take Isobel home.

Are we mischievious?

No, I am helping wrap presents.

Hey! 'What do you want to put in the box?'

A bunch of 'firsts'.

Outside for the first time.

Our first 'communal' bath.

Playing in the kitchen with Mommy and Grammy.
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Interaction, curiosity, and discovery.

Willis is waiting for the 'Big Pumpkin' to appear!

Interaction 'furniture' is introduced and curiosity is peeked.

Left: Isobel and Charlie Brown (right) have a discussion through the window of the Little Tykes Tunnel and Slide.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The litter arrived on time!


Harriet did a great job at whelping her very first litter. She was a pro and had all the right instincts. Milk came easily and she doted on her large brood.

Harriet and Brett mating of 11/18/06


The mating of Harriet and Brett was a success - look at Harriet's big belly! Little did we know there were nine healthy puppies in there.