Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's meet the new families!


Thank you to all the new families for allowing me to post your picture on this AnnaBlog. I sure do hope that your pups always keep you smiling - at least most of the time!! :+)

Janny and Brad could not wait one moment longer and picked up TABOR the very next day after they all got their second puppy series shot. He has already been introduced to their grandchildren and outdoors to potty and investigate his new world.

Tracy did some fast maneuvering to plan her day to get MC DUFF picked up. As with all families of active children, time is of an essence. The trip home went very well and his introduction to the family has been successful.

Nancy and Deane have been enjoying the antics of LEIA as she goes about being a typical 'nosey' girl. Deane's older brother is away at college and is dying to get home to enjoy the new member of their family.

PATTON is sharing his new environment with Carina and Aaron as well as TWO resident cats! He is already experiencing his city on a leash and providing tons of entertainment for his new owners.

When David and Paul told me they were naming their new guy DIESEL I laughed and laughed! The name was just perfect for him! We know about 'diesel' oil and him being black and all that, but what I didn't know is that it is also the name of a famous clothing line. I am told, there will be no fancy clothes on this pooch!!

Talk about a family willing to wait for the perfect fit! Both Joy and Kevin came to see me last summer for a pup! It was a happy day when they held PADDY . I have already received an adorable picture of their two boys holding him. :+)

And just this morning, our last pup, NAPLES was picked up. He is on a road trip as I type. Oddly, this family's roots are from Maine; I was 'discovered' in New York (via a family that owns another of my pups) and he is cruising to his new home in Pennsylvania.

Thank you to all my new families. I have so enjoyed our emails, phone calls and look forward to receiving pictures and updates on how your new additions are doing.



Monday, March 10, 2008


Hi all,

Most of you, if not everyone has asked about vaccines. Although each of you will have a PUPPY DATA SHEET in your notebook of what has been done to your pup, I want to also print something here that you can refer to as well. There is only so much room on the form.

PUPPY SHOTS: Your pup will come to you with two vaccines - Distemper and Parvovirus. I have changed my protocol based on a more holistic approach. Growing puppy immune systems do best when not taxed by vaccines.  Using a less invasive method protects your pet just as well. You need to be proactive as a new pet owner. If you would not agree with numerous vaccines for your baby, why would you want to do this to your young puppy?

Yes, it does mean more vet visits but it could also give your pet a healthier more productive life. I suggest Kennel Cough nosode at 16 weeks, then your pet can then go to puppy class. Prior to that, I would be keeping your pet close to home and socializing with dogs that you know have already been innoculated.

RABIES: Please do not allow your vet to give them the Rabies vaccine at the same time as other shots. The Rabies vaccine can and has caused reactions on a number of dogs. Some of these reactions are severe (even death). This is not to say that it should never be done but if the law allows (in your state) wait until your pup is 6 months. Their immune system is fully mature at six months, and they are better equipped to handle this vaccine. If this is against the law in your area, then please schedule a SEPARATE time to get it done and DO NOT combine it with another vaccine of any type.

BORDETELLA: Known as 'kennel cough'. If you plan on boarding, using a groomer, participating in doggie day care or housing where there are a lot of other dogs - then give this one. Please use the 'intranasal' or 'nosode' type rather than the shot. The duration for the nosode is 4 to 6 months, so will need to be repeated. Mark your calendars.

IF YOU CAN'T WAIT: Follow the guidelines of world re-known Dr. Jean Dodds protocal with regard to vaccines at this link: She does not recommend that you add Canine Corona Virus because healthy dogs recover from this 'affliction' in three days time if left alone. It is also only a disease of very young puppies. Also, Leptospirosis. This vaccine has caused a number of adverse reactions in dogs. It is a short lived vaccine and is also immune supressive to dogs less than 16 weeks old. Lastly, it sort of acts like the flu - it keeps evolving and you never know if the shot you are using is for the right type of 'flu'. So many times, it doesn't work anyway! Make sure to ask your vet to NOT include these in their last pup series shot. Many vets always include it.

TICKS & LYME DISEASE: Lyme Disease is a tick born disease which causes lameness, kidney failure and heart disease. Ticks can transmit this disease to humans. The very BEST prevention is for early removal of ticks (within 24 hours). So check your dog every day during tick season. Amitraz collars are very effective because they paralyze the tick's mouth preventing transmission of the disease. If you use topicals, always note when you applied it and if your dog or it's skin is showing any reactions to it. These meds are not without problems. I prefer spraying an herbal oil such as Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, or the like on my dog's scarf and tying it on them during bug season.

HEARTWORM: I don't use it, but I understand that it is all dependent on where you live and how infectious your area might be. I figure if the 'smelly scarves' I use keep away the bugs, they won't bite my dog in the first place.

I hope you find this helpful.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A big, brown bear came to visit today. :+)

I know that many of you have been here and have met, in person, Miss Annabelle. However, pics of the pups' dad have not been many except for what is on my website. So, Master Rumple Sticks came for a visit and this big, brown bear is a site to behold. Of course, his guardians wanted to get him all 'dolled up', but I asked them not to so you could see what a wavy, fleece coated Australian/American Labradoodle looks like in FULL coat.

Although you can't see his eyes, Rumple has a beautiful face with a long flowing moustache and his 'trademark' white beard.

He is a good sitter. :+)

I took this one outside so you can see his wonderful movement and coat in true light.

Here is a better pic of his head and coat. I had handfulls of his glorious fur to snuggle with. It is soooo very soft and lush. A coat like Rumple's is VERY prized. People that enjoy dogs with long 'hair' prefer this type of coat. Others, admire the curly coats and keep them short.

I have been blessed to own 3 types of coats - the fleece like Rumple & Willis; the soft loopy wool like Annabelle and the curly soft wool blend like Harriet.

This give you a good idea of his size. My husband owns a Ford 150 truck and he does not have big tires on it. Rumple is just about the height of the bumper.

We have reached the magical age of 12 weeks today. (weights)

I can hardly believe it. Yes, the pups are large, hardy, mischievous, and some are already jumping over our 18" gate! OOPS! Hopefully, all of you have purchased at least 30" x-pens and doorway gates.

Here are their weights:

Except for maybe Clara Belle, Olive, and Diesel, I bet these pups will all be in the high 30 to 40 lb. range at maturity. Definitely, a solid medium dog that will tolerate lots of wrestling, walks, fetching and still be manageable in the car, tub or plane.

Also, below are some pics of Rumple's family playing with the pups. Yes, they are a bit rambunctious but love playing with kids. :+)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And while 4 pups were in surgery, the other five were ......

enjoying less mayhem, had lots of room to stretch, had all the toys to themselves and their mom
found that only having five pups around, made life much more manageable and was quite happy to play and lie with them in the kitchen. Here she is cuddling with Clara Belle.

What a difference it makes to have just five pups around! Annabelle is very content to be with her babies.

The pups were very settled. Here is Olive on the left and McDuff on the right just chillin'.

Oops, look who is chewing the toy basket! Paddy is enjoying using the basket for 'teething' purposes. I wonder where Clara is....she usually loves to sit in it. :+) appears it is siesta time for Clara, Patton and Paddy.
I think momma Joyce is going to get a goodnight's sleep tonight too. Yawn!! :+)

All is well with neutering and spaying yesterday.


For those of you concerned about your furry babies getting through their surgeries - you can breathe easier because it went without a hitch. :+)

Although Naples (Black Collar) didn't have both of his (parts) decended, my vet's abilities did the trick with a minimum cut. I thought that both Naples and Leia would really be sluggish and require their own space from the group, so I spent most of the afternoon reconfiguring the puppy room to accommodate the 'patients'. I should not have wasted my time, they were full of beans when they got home. So much so, the groups spent most of the night playing and barking. :+( They were not happy being separated at all, but I felt it necessary for their incisions to have at least 24 hours of 'no wrestling'. Of course, that meant very little sleep for me!

Here are Naples on the left and Leia on the right - jumping! They pottied, ate a small meal (they were ravenous) and drank some water. Luckily, none of the pups had vomiting or diarrhea from the surgery. Later on, I gave them more food and a tablet for pain. Perhaps they would have slept more if I hadn't given them the pain killer!!

And the other two 'victims' are Tabor and Diesel. They showed no signs of having had surgery either. Early spay and neuter is an amazing process that has practically no 'downtime' for the pups. The hardest part of the ordeal is keeping them on the quiet side. It is so very different compared to surgeries done at a later age. Most take a week to heal and need Elizabethan collars to prevent them from licking the stitches which brings on a whole different set of issues.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cute, casual pics 'just because'.

After breakfast, vacuuming and playtime, the pups began to settle down and I took the opportunity to take some 'personals'.

Here is OLIVE OYL. I love her gentleness. She loves to wash my face with kisses and put her paws up on my chest. She stares at you deeply and with such wisdom.

PADDY is a sweetheart and is usually one of the first of the pups to settle.
His coat is like soft swirls of vanilla and butterscotch.

NAPLES is such a interesting boy. There are times when I think he is a bit more on the submissive side and then he surprises me with his 'bravery' with the vacuum or countering his siblings.

TABOR continues to be a laid back, ultra soft natured dog that loves to be loved. I swear he is a miniature Labrador in a Labradoodle coat with his temperament.

Here is McDUFF who is full of surprises. A confident pup who is always in the middle of things and give both Leia and Clara a run for their money.

We finally have a name and it is PATTON! This big boy is tied with DIESEL with regard to being 'more conversational'. He LOVES his voice and talks to me quite a bit. I am using Cesar Milan's method of 'shush' to keep our conversations short (but sweet).

DIESEL is full of himself! He is the first to announce 'GOOD MORNING' and 'is it time to eat?' He was also the one pup who would rather find the 'safe zone' than encounter the big monster vacuum. Diesel is a 'hit and run' sort of pup. He is small enough to tease and then scatters. Too funny to watch him in action.

Here is Clara Belle, hogging the toy basket. Is anyone surprised?

Oh, is this not a perfect shot? LEIA, Queen of the Ewoks, sitting on her 'throne' gazing at her subjects.

Between her, Clara Belle and McDuff, they keep things rocking and rolling around here. :+)

I have to say, I really love all of the names picked for these pups! Nice job everyone!!! :+)

The vacuum cleaner is NOT a monster!

I know that vacuum cleaners don't all sound the same and many dogs are afraid of them. For many weeks now, I have used a LOUD Craftman's Wall vacuum in their puppy pen without anyone freaking out. With all the wood chips that I use daily, I always have a mess, so must use my 'house' vac many times. Usually this is done when they are in the pup room. Today, however, I was vacuuming while they were in the kitchen, and aside from being very careful that they weren't chewing on my cord, they all did rather well with most very curious, others rather complacent, and a couple finding 'safe zones'. No one screamed, shook or showed excessive anxiety which is very good!! :+)

Here are some pics showing who is brave and who is more cautious. :+)

It appears that Paddy and Red Boy are pretty brave, while Clara, Leia and Olive look on in the background.

Naples, McDuff and Paddy show there stuff and if you look closely, Olive has become braver. :+)
By the way, the vacuum was on the whole time.