Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lil Abner came for a short visit today.

Abner is my mini stud. He is all of 20 lbs. and such a funny, frisky, friendly guy. He loves people and all dogs that want to play with him.

I would consider Abner a very soft, curly quality wool as he has no harsh kemp fibers in his coat (but other breeders tell me he is a curly fleece). He loves to be groomed and just melts next to his guardian for his brushing sessions. Abner does not shed.

Although energetic, I am beyond thrilled with how he listens to his guardian as they have an amazing connection that shows how hard both of them have worked to develop it. Kudos to them both!

I also can say that he has had his first date and it went wonderfully. 'Lil' Abner is going to enjoy his job very much. All of us are very happy about that.

Here are some pics of this adorable 'teddy bear' mini stud.

Look at the length of his tongue!

He is one of Gunny's 'intended' and is already whispering sweet nothings in her ear!

A happy, happy little guy.

Has amazing balance and may be an agility participant soon.

He does love to interact with other dogs. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Figgy's last day here at ADNE.

Figgy has done her duty, she will now enjoy her retirement.  This was her last litter for me. In a couple of months she will be spayed and officially 'off duty'.

Where are the pups?
Today, Figgy is giving them their last milk meal in the large playground. Like most dogs, Figgy has given me the signal that she wants them weaned. These signals include growling at the pups when they try to nurse, refusing to be with them
for more than a few seconds and regurgitating her dinner for them to eat. An 'unsavory' historic pratice.

As the pups explore the huge playground area, anxious Figgy watches intently.

Red Boy bravely climbs the ramp to the sandbox.

All four explore the cedar chips and clubhouse area.

Royal Boy appears stuck between the tire fence.

Teal Girl gives him a look that says 'You are suppose to go THROUGH the tire holes'.

Figgy has some sweet moments with her babies.

Then she gives the lowdown - 'Although I will be leaving, I expect you to behave and listen to your
extended family, you hear me'?

Figgy has been a very good mom and gave me two amazing progeny to move forward with: Emmett Piccolo and Charlotte 2-Step - both exceptional breeding stock and wonderful pets to their guardians.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

FIVE WEEKS! Figgy x Keefer's litter.

Now that the pups have been going outdoors routinely, they really enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and toys. Every now and again, I let either Daisy or Gunny in to entertain them and for dogie socialization learning. Every one seems to enjoy the interactions.

This week, I plan to take them for their first stroller ride on the road - should be interesting.

Figgy is nearly done with weaning and the pups are doing great without her. Today, Figgy will be bathed and trimmed for her return home permanently tomorrow evening.

Royal Boy is 5 1/2 lbs.
Royal is very curious and friendly.

Teal Girl is 5 lbs.
Teal continues to be the most daring one of the group.

Red Boy is 5 3/4 lbs.
Red is friendly but not as brave as his sister.

Green Boy is 4 1/4 lbs.
Green wants a friend to always be by his side.

Friday, June 24, 2016


As I expected, I just received news that Miss Nellie Bly is also in heat, so there will be two litters being raised at ADNE this fall. It is going to be busy around here for sure!!  At least both litters will be settled in with their owners before Thanksgiving - yea!!

The first litter from Nellie x Emmett was adorable and I expect the same this time around. :+)

Gunny entertaining Figgy's pups.

Figgy is visiting with her guardians today as part of the weaning process but Gunny is so happy to fill in!

As I was cleaning the pup pen this morning, the pups are placed outside in their special area to enjoy some early sun and stretch their legs a bit. Gunny is always hanging around the outside of the pen looking at them so I let her in today. I don't know who had more fun, the pups or Gunny.  :+)

Gunny is very gentle and curious about the pups.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tate seems to be stalling again! UPDATE!

So all plans for her mating have been cancelled at this time. As soon as I know when we will proceed, it will be posted. It could be she is having a split heat. Mother Nature ALWAYS keep breeders hopping with all the various obstacles that she can throw at us!

There is the possibility that I may need to switch studs to Emmett but I am not sure yet. With Emmett, Tate will produce chocolates, blacks, apricots and caramels. The size of the pups will range from 22 to 28 lbs.

Although I was really looking forward to having a litter using Ocean States Theo, I hope to use him with another girl in the future.

UPDATE: 7/13/16

Due to a lab error, I was unable to breed Tate to Theo as originally planned. Instead, I bred her to Emmett Piccolo and a successful mating was had. We hope that pups will arrive in early September.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Figgy x Keefer's pups venture outdoors at 4.3 weeks of age.

Such a gorgeous day with lots of sun and soft breezes! A perfect first day outside for the pups. They were even served their lunch outside.  :+)

At first, they were not quite sure what to do.

They looked to mom for encouragement.

Curiosity got the best of them.

Sniffing became the rule of the day. Sniffing plants...

Sniffing stones and toys.

Even sniffing Daisy!

All pups love this toy.
Red is quite the curious boy.

Teal Girl is both brave and curious!

'Which way should we go'???

The water bowl station.

Gunny and Daisy keep a watch on the pups.

Yahoo - LUNCH! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A typical day.

After preparing all the food and feeding all the adult doodles in the morning, I go in to take care of the pups.  Their pan is put down as I call out 'pup..pup.. pup' to get them use to this cue that I am there with food which they will associate as a positive interaction. Once they are done, mom gets to lick their pan and be with them if she chooses. Once fed, the pups usually begin to play a bit, go potty then naps are eminent.

At this time, I bring out my clothe x-pen, place a hospital pee pad in it and switch the pups from their pen to the x-pen. After sniffing a bit, they settle down to nap.

I have set up their pen for two-way access - a gate at the front (for easy interaction and food delivery and one on the back side for easy access to the potty area. If you remember, I put the Activity Box on top of the turf which acts as a brace so the pups cannot pull out the turf and make a mess. This makes clean up quick and easy. I switch the Activity Box to their 'bed' area as I remove the turf strips for cleaning and dispose of the urine soaked puppy pee pad beneath them. I clean and disinfect the pan, add a new puppy pee pad, new turf strips and replace the Activity Box. The pups are then put back into their cleaned area to continue their nap and I go outdoors to hose and disinfect the turf.

It takes many tries to find a system that is economical, has ease of functionality and uses a minimum of time.  I find with each litter, I may have to make some changes especially if it is a large litter. For an average litter of 6 or under, this method works really well for me. As the pups grow and need more space, I will adjust but at this time of year, the outdoors becomes a wonderful playground where most potty needs are met. No matter where they 'go', my janitorial services are always needed!

Hmmm.... I think I am the one that should be napping!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

WEEK FOUR - Figgy x Keefer Litter

This past week has seen a lot of changes. The pups actually walk without being wobbly; they can see and hear perfectly and enjoy the gruel I make for them. This coming week will bring a more 'meat based' diet and some time outdoors. They will become more animated and playful as well as highly curious.

Pups that track age and weight with the same numbers (4 weeks/4 lbs.) generally will be around 30 to 32 lbs. at maturity. Above equates with a 35 to 40 mature weight or below is around 25 to 29 lbs.

Green Boy - 4 lbs.

Teal Girl - 4 1/2 lbs.  (I don't know how she got her head wet! Splashed in the water bowl??)

Royal Boy - 5 lbs.

Red Boy - 5 1/4 lbs.

A cartful of puppies! Royal, Teal, Green and Red.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Activity Box.

The pups will be four weeks tomorrow but I will be at a walk to support Rochester Homemakers who bring food, entertainment and company to those in need - especially the elderly. I tell you this because I may not get the individual pics of the cute four week olds up until later in the afternoon tomorrow.

Till then, I added their Activity Box to the area for them to peruse and they checked it out. Yes, I did place it in their potty area to entice them to use it 'while visiting the many different dangly things'.

The pups now get fed a gruel three times a day and drink water. Figgy is in the beginning of her 'weaning stage' where I cut back a bit each day on her food rations as the pups eat more and more of the food prepared for them. I expect Figgy will be back with her guardians very soon.

I love watching Royal Boy check out the ball.

Green Boy is 'tasting' the rope as Teal Girl sniffs the poles.

Red Boy just chillin' as he watches his siblings nose around.

'What do you see Teal Girl'? inquires Red boy.

Teal Girl takes a water break....and 

Red Boy takes his turn.

The Activity Box is beneficial for several reasons: Each item is either a texture, makes a sound or has a musical tone. Some of them actually touch the pups as they walk through which increases their 'touch' tolerance. It provides them something to mouth or chew along with the entertainment factor. Pups need to be stimulated with different sounds, textures and tactile impact to peak curiosity.

I also put a second Activity Box outside in their pen that I just finished preparing today. In a few days, they will have their first experience of being outdoors for a bit. Keep tuning in!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Figgy's pups are beginning to interact with each other at 3 1/2 weeks old.

They are so cute and pudgy! Eyes are open and seeing and now their mouths are exploring as well. They stand up on wobbly feet and move pretty well - at least they make it to the potty area most of the time!  :+) As you can see in the pics, the potty area now has a large tray where a puppy pad is laid down first and some artificial grass pieces are place on top of the pup pad. The 'grass' is for an intro to new texture so they begin to understand the 'soft stuff' is for sleeping and the other area is the bathroom.

The sleeping area has also been enlarged just a bit as well and Figgy is very happy to have the extra space.

Don't you just love 'belly up' pics?

Red Boy is trying to mouth the rear end of Teal Girl as the other two lick up the gruel from each other.

Teal Girl and Royal Boy mouth wrestle as Red Boy and Green Boy look on.