Friday, June 29, 2018

Hoping to add a little cutie to ADNE!

On Monday, I will brave the Fourth of July traffic onslaught to visit a breeder friend in Massachusetts to view her litter of adorable miniatures.   There is one that I am particularly interested in and she is a black and apricot phantom marked little girl with a white goatee.  From pictures, she has what I am looking for in new pedigree lines, size and type.  I am pretty sure her coat will have some curl but will be able to judge better once I can see, feel, hold and watch her move.  I am VERY excited about this possibility as I have been wanting a female phantom mini for several years.  Recently I added an unrelated chocolate phantom male miniature to my program as well as a black and light tan one.  However, none of them have gone through my vigorous testing protocol yet as they are all too young.  As a breeder, you invest in several types of what you hope to produce in the future and keep your fingers crossed that one might hit all the markers to become a breeder. 

Of course, there are also some very cute apricots in the same litter and one of those might smitten me, so I am keeping an open mind as all the pups will carry for the black and apricot combination.  Learning about colors and patterns is extremely interesting to me and I enjoy this genetic learning curve.  Working with a breeder I know very well is also a huge plus.  :+)

This is the girl I am most interested in:

With her adorable white goatee, there is a very good chance she is a Tri Phantom Pattern which is very similar to the markings of a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Her paternal grand-daddy is a full Tri and gorgeous.  The fact that she is staring right into the camera shows confidence at such a young age (five weeks).

Once I return, I will have new pics and more info.  I will also be looking for a local (under and hour) guardian home for her.  If all goes well, I expect her placement to be around July 18th or so.

Friday, June 22, 2018

We may not have pups at the moment, but we are busy, busy!

Maintenance and upgrades are being worked on.  Our house is being repainted and hubby is busy making a new ramp that leads from the pup room to the outdoor playground.  It is time to pressure wash all the pavers and turf for the upcoming litter and to clean all the equipment.  It is nice to have this block of time to get these jobs done.

In the meantime, Daisy is doing great and getting more and more 'round'.  She will have her x-ray soon (week or so) and then it won't be long before pups are here!

Pregnant Daisy with one of our sweet grand-daughters.

Hubby hard at work replacing the old ramp.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Finally, enjoying some downtime. :+)

Right after all the pups were in their homes, our son and his family came to visit for a few days.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the chaos that four beautiful granddaughters bring.  Certainly exhausted as four girls 8 years and under are busy, busy, busy!  Thank goodness for our town's playground just up the road. Lots of fun going down slides with babes in my lap and playing chase with the tickle monster (our son).  A visit to the beach (brrrrrr... the water is freezing) but kids and Gramps did not care - they dunked!  Pennsylvania does not offer really fresh lobsters, so they were a must along with some great cheesecake.  A whirlwind for sure but great memories shared.  :+)

Daisy will be due with her babes around July 7th, so I have a bit of a break for three weeks or so.  Then 'all hands on deck' once again!  There is still availability in that litter if it ends up being as large as predicted.

I am not breeding anyone this fall or winter (new prospective breeding doodles not ready yet) so I will embrace my puppy break during the holiday season; however excited about welcoming Maine's summer season! 

Wishing the current new owners fun times with their pups and a safe and enjoyable summer season.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The CHARLOTTE X WYATT Litter have all gone home!

Lincoln met his new family yesterday evening and it was love at first sight!  :+)  The Kingstons have two other ADNE labradoodles and decided to add a third - now they have a cream, a caramel and a chocolate doodle!

Now I can finally post pics of the pups and their new families!

Jaiga Arnold with Brenda!

Deb snuggling with Frosty Staudacher.

Auggie Witherbee with Roz and Jonathan.
Our Saturday pick up group.  Everyone with big smiles!

Sunday morning, the Smiths came to bring Jasper Bear aka Jazzie home.

Last night, Lincoln (Noah), met the Kingstons for a new adventure.

There will always be a few bumps in the road as everyone gets to acclimate to each other but it always smooths out.  I am here to help you along the way and always feel free to contact me for anything.  I wish all these new families lots of sloppy kisses and laughter as they all negotiate puppydom!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Lincoln will be going to his new home tonight.

Previously known as "Noah", I will be meeting his family in Portsmouth, NH as he joins two other ADNE doodles - Winston and Ranger.  I am so happy that he has two new 'bros' to be with as Lincoln really likes to be close to other dogs.  :+)

Since he is so good about doing potty every two hours, he gets to be with all the other doodles and loves it.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Charlotte x Wyatt Go Home pics will be posted on Monday night or Tuesday morning!

I had three pick ups today and one for early tomorrow and the last one Monday night.  They will be posted as soon as possible but I want to do it all together rather than adding them.  Stay tuned!

Till then, I am posting this pic of our oldest son, Jebb, playing with the pups earlier today,  :+)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We are going home this weekend...well..most of us! Charlotte x Wyatt - WEEK NINE!

And... they are becoming rascals!  Full of energy and mischief!  Typical puppies at last.  :+)  I was thankful for the cloudy day as it allowed me to take pics in the afternoon - I had too many errands to run earlier in the day.

They are growing soooo much!  Except for little Jazzie, they are all truly a lapful.  Tomorrow, they will have baths in anticipation of their big day on Saturday.  We want them looking and smelling wonderful.  :+)

All their packets are done and ready for travel.  Whew.

JAIGA!  The only one in a large planting pot because I could not keep up with him.  9 lbs.

LINCOLN aka 'Link' is going to a pet home.  10  3/4 lbs.

JAZZIE!  The resident mini in the litter.  6  3/4 lbs.

AUGGIE!  Bigger than Noah but weighs just a smidgen less at 10  1/2 lbs.

FROSTY!  Sitting pretty as a picture on top of her 'mountain'.  8 lbs.


Daisy and I went to my vet this morning to have an ultra sound to confirm pregnancy - she is pregnant alright - with a minimum of 8 but more than likely more!  Oi, oi, oi!  Not what I was expecting with just one natural breeding!  I guess the stars were aligned and gifted Daisy with a load of fertile eggs and Wyatt with a basketful of sperm!

So happy that I don't have any other girls being bred for a while as I will have my hands full.  Also, grateful that the weather will still be great for lots of outside time for the pups.

Whelping is expected in early July and pups should be going home in mid September.  We certainly have room for more applicants in this litter.  This certainly took me by surprise.  :+)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Intro to a leash.

For a few minutes, I worked with each pup separately using a leash.  They actually surprised the heck out of me!  This was their first time with restrictions.

  • Frosty was totally well mannered and followed my lead to a T.
  • Jaiga was a bouncing, bucking bronco, he was so happy to be in a new place with tons of new smells.  It took a few minutes, but he sat when I showed him a treat and worked really, really hard to keep his front paws down.  A work in progress but a good student.  :+)
  • Auggie actually gathered the leash in his mouth and pranced around like it was a prize.  He finally came to me and sat when offered a treat.  He was easily lead around with a few spurts of 'let's go here' or 'how about there'? Very normal and I was glad to see him want to explore.
  • Jazzie was all about following directions.  Very obedient and willing to learn for that treat!
  • Lincoln put his nose to the ground and was going hither and dither to 'search'.  His nose did not stop!  He also had a collar put on for the first time and could not stop scratching at it.  He settled quickly when I waved a treat in front of that 'nosey' nose!  Walked well once he realized I was at the end of that leash.  :+)
What I did first was put the leash on in the house and carried them out.  I put them down immediately and walked to the little table out on the front lawn and sat down.  I did not call them - just waited for them to make the decision to come to me.  They all did via many different methods - bounding Jaiga, leash in mouth Auggie, scurrying behind me Jazzie, sit and observe Frosty and hunting Lincoln.  All uniquely different methods.  :+)

Once near me I tempted them to sit just using my hand - no words.  Once sitting, I said 'Yes'! in a happy voice and gave them the treat.  Then I grabbed my end of the leash and began walking around.  I would stop every six steps or so and guide them to me using the treat until they were in front of me and sitting.  I did this routine several times with each pup and then put the pup back in the pup area.  None were scared with cars going by and all did very well!