Thursday, June 7, 2018


Daisy and I went to my vet this morning to have an ultra sound to confirm pregnancy - she is pregnant alright - with a minimum of 8 but more than likely more!  Oi, oi, oi!  Not what I was expecting with just one natural breeding!  I guess the stars were aligned and gifted Daisy with a load of fertile eggs and Wyatt with a basketful of sperm!

So happy that I don't have any other girls being bred for a while as I will have my hands full.  Also, grateful that the weather will still be great for lots of outside time for the pups.

Whelping is expected in early July and pups should be going home in mid September.  We certainly have room for more applicants in this litter.  This certainly took me by surprise.  :+)


  1. OMG!!!! I just received a call from HIllary and family! They are OVER the moon! As an expectant grandma so am I!!! She just asked me this morning when you would know how many pups Daisy and Wyatt were having! Wow!
    The stars are in alignment!!!! The kiddos are jumping with joy! Thanks for the updated post on Daisy and Wyatt!!!

  2. I was blindsided! I almost choked when I was looking at one view of the u/s and there were five 'bubbles' in it - I knew I was in trouble when that one popped up on the screen and she had just started moving the wand. Oi!