Thursday, June 7, 2018

We are going home this weekend...well..most of us! Charlotte x Wyatt - WEEK NINE!

And... they are becoming rascals!  Full of energy and mischief!  Typical puppies at last.  :+)  I was thankful for the cloudy day as it allowed me to take pics in the afternoon - I had too many errands to run earlier in the day.

They are growing soooo much!  Except for little Jazzie, they are all truly a lapful.  Tomorrow, they will have baths in anticipation of their big day on Saturday.  We want them looking and smelling wonderful.  :+)

All their packets are done and ready for travel.  Whew.

JAIGA!  The only one in a large planting pot because I could not keep up with him.  9 lbs.

LINCOLN aka 'Link' is going to a pet home.  10  3/4 lbs.

JAZZIE!  The resident mini in the litter.  6  3/4 lbs.

AUGGIE!  Bigger than Noah but weighs just a smidgen less at 10  1/2 lbs.

FROSTY!  Sitting pretty as a picture on top of her 'mountain'.  8 lbs.


  1. These little whippersnappers are too much! I couldn’t pick a favorite!

  2. They are an exceptional litter. Thank you Charlotte, I hope you are doing well and gained a bit of weight by now. :+)

  3. I am so happy I got to meet your beautiful and affectionate litter!

  4. Frosty looks just like Dobby Granger as a pup! There all so cute

  5. So cute! Are you no longer keeping Noah for a guardian Home?