Sunday, June 3, 2018

Intro to a leash.

For a few minutes, I worked with each pup separately using a leash.  They actually surprised the heck out of me!  This was their first time with restrictions.

  • Frosty was totally well mannered and followed my lead to a T.
  • Jaiga was a bouncing, bucking bronco, he was so happy to be in a new place with tons of new smells.  It took a few minutes, but he sat when I showed him a treat and worked really, really hard to keep his front paws down.  A work in progress but a good student.  :+)
  • Auggie actually gathered the leash in his mouth and pranced around like it was a prize.  He finally came to me and sat when offered a treat.  He was easily lead around with a few spurts of 'let's go here' or 'how about there'? Very normal and I was glad to see him want to explore.
  • Jazzie was all about following directions.  Very obedient and willing to learn for that treat!
  • Lincoln put his nose to the ground and was going hither and dither to 'search'.  His nose did not stop!  He also had a collar put on for the first time and could not stop scratching at it.  He settled quickly when I waved a treat in front of that 'nosey' nose!  Walked well once he realized I was at the end of that leash.  :+)
What I did first was put the leash on in the house and carried them out.  I put them down immediately and walked to the little table out on the front lawn and sat down.  I did not call them - just waited for them to make the decision to come to me.  They all did via many different methods - bounding Jaiga, leash in mouth Auggie, scurrying behind me Jazzie, sit and observe Frosty and hunting Lincoln.  All uniquely different methods.  :+)

Once near me I tempted them to sit just using my hand - no words.  Once sitting, I said 'Yes'! in a happy voice and gave them the treat.  Then I grabbed my end of the leash and began walking around.  I would stop every six steps or so and guide them to me using the treat until they were in front of me and sitting.  I did this routine several times with each pup and then put the pup back in the pup area.  None were scared with cars going by and all did very well!  


  1. The pups sound like they did fabulous. I would have loved to watch that.

  2. Info on leash introduction can be found on media almost anywhere. It is a very simple approach. None may be identical but the theory is the same. I always let my pups make a wise decision then treat that decision. At this age, they are sponges which is why I strongly encourage they get into socialization and training pronto! Keeping them them away until this vaccine or that is detrimental to their mental and emotional health. Schedule your vet appt. asap and get them the Bortadella (kennel cough drop) as all training centers require that one. Their next vaccination is when they are 12 weeks of age - NOT BEFORE!!!!