Thursday, May 31, 2018


It is getting close folks!

Right now, they are all playing in the pup room where it is cool.  Jaiga still needs his e-collar on but so far, Auggie hasn't.  I watch them often, so if Auggie starts going after his incision, it will be put back on his head.

They all ate breakfast with exceptional vigor this morning and enjoyed being outside in the turf area for a bit of play.  They will have lunch soon and then be in the small pen for the afternoon.  It will be cool there as I sprayed it earlier to cool the stones off and to keep it clean.

Visitors for Auggie this afternoon, so the pups all get to enjoy some company.

Would you believe that Lincoln is now the heavyweight in the group?  9 lbs.

Frosty weighs 7 lbs. this week. Does she look like she is praying?.  So demure.

Miss Jazzie needed a booster seat for her photo.  She kept escaping down the slide!  Such a happy girl!  5  1/2 lbs.

Auggie's owners are coming today.  He is 8.7 lbs. of lovable.

Jaiga is the smallest male at 7.2 lbs.  He doesn't look  or act smaller than his bros though!