Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Boomer was here visiting!

It certainly has been a whirlwind week for me.  Many vet visits, pup pick ups, clinic and also one of my potential stud muffins came for his testing protocol.  Somehow, we got it all done and survived! LOL!

Keeping my fingers crossed that Boomer makes the cut for my program. His guardians are so in love with this boy and are hopeful to see baby 'Boomers' in the future.  :+)

His soft, silky, curling fleece is delightful to snuggle with and Boomer could not be happier when sharing it with anyone who sinks their hands into it.

Okie Boomer, named after the Oakland Boomer football team. His dad is an avid fan.
Boomer is a black abstract.  He has a white lightning bolt on his chest and white goatee.

Love it when his white spots show up on a pic.

A little guy of about 26 lbs.  A 'mini' stud in size only. He definitely is going to like his job here at ADNE. :+)


  1. Dang, his coat looks like Sundog's. Same color, texture, and curl. If it is, it's an incredible coat. I loved it.

  2. LOL! a sweet little guy! You know how I LOVE creams and apricots! But my black, silky boy is over the moon! Go Boomer!!!

  3. Really ladies, when it comes to doodles, the blacks seem to have such silkiness to the coats! Rox, he sure favors Mac Gregor, does he not?