Thursday, May 3, 2018


Holy cow, wait till you see these pups!  They are truly amazing given their daddy is an F2 (early generation Labradoodle).  This litter shows the Labrador genes in a big way - the heads, size, sturdiness and temperament.  I am blown away!

I did move them to the pup room and tomorrow they will finally have a bit more space.  Right now, they are enjoying seeing their cousins, Sunny and Ziggy 'that live next door' and sometimes I can catch them giving kisses to each other through the wire fencing.  Very cute.

Yesterday, they had their first meal.  Today, I will continue the one meal a day as we begin the gentle weaning process.  :+)

Yellow Collar Girl - 4 lbs. On track for about  32 pounds.

Pink Collar Girl - The smallest in the litter at 3  1/4 lbs.

Red Collar Boy - A hefty one at 4  3/4 lbs. Close to 40 lbs.

Choc/Wht Parti Boy - Weighs 4 lbs. and should be about 32 to 35 lbs.

Brown Collar Boy - Another heavyweight like his bro.  4  3/4 lbs. Around 38 to 40 lbs.


  1. dum dee dum...CAN'T WAIT! Counting the days until we can meet these sweetie pies!!

    1. Visits can start any time now. Just call to make an appointment. They are still very young so still uncertain but could be cuddled. :+)

  2. Replies
    1. Charlotte is happy that I have begun to feed them. :+)

  3. Kam - They were born big!! Can't wait to give them more space - this afternoon, once the last two pups are picked up!!!