Saturday, May 5, 2018

We went outdoors for the first time today! (CHARLOTTE X WYATT)

Early this afternoon, I placed the pups outdoors in my 'mini outdoor pen' but kept them in an expandable cloth x-pen.  I was not quite ready for them to be on the ground yet.

I am sure they will be exploring the 'mini pen' in no time but today I just wanted them to enjoy the fresh air and listen to the sounds.  They were given their noontime meal outdoors and they enjoyed that.

While they were eating lunch, I went indoors to clean the indoor pen.  They are learning quickly to venture to the wire topped litter box for most potty needs.  They are really standing well now and I always find it remarkable that pups literally go from wobbly Weebles to pretty solid footing overnight!  Enjoy these candid shots.  :+)

The mini outdoor pen is enclosed with a black x-pen.  The fabric x-pen with the pups is between the adult swing and the Playschool Tunnel.  Once on the ground, they will be able to see and visit the adults but not actually be among them.

The group inside the cloth x-pen.

Choc/Wht Parti Boy is wanting out while Red Collar Boy serenades.

Here is the cleaned indoor pen. Far left is where they sleep amongst the hanging 'doodads'. The middle section is the potty area and the far right is where the crates will be when they are weaned.  Right now, they cannot go there as a clear sheet of plexiglass separates them. Charlotte jumps over it when she wants to nurse.  The pen gate is usually open.

The wall facing the litter box has a big mirror for them to see themselves.


  1. This is the stuff that I love love love. Lots of appropriate enrichment. Thank you! These are going to be grand pups!!!

  2. I agree Debbie, that is what makes these pups exceptional at such a young age!

  3. It is just normal stuff, really! Thanks for making me feel special though! :+)

  4. You have the best setup Joyce and the puppies have so much to do and experience as they develop! That gate system was a best buy. I love seeing the pups as they get bigger!

    1. Thanks, Kam.I was very lucky to find that gate system when I did - it has been a Godsend!! :+)