Friday, May 4, 2018

GUNNY X LIL ABNER pups have gone home!

I usually try to have my puppy pick ups on one day at a time we can all agree on and we have a nice group here enjoying each other's company as we go over the puppy booklets.  We always elect a supervisor to watch over the kids and pups as they play together.

This was not one of those pick ups!  We certainly had a full variety of days, times and locations!  One thing you learn early on as a breeder is that 'baloney' happens and you just have to make adjustments.  Finally, however, the last two fur-babies are home safe and sound.

Leo went home one week early as his family came from Delaware! I had totally missed this! Talk about 'egg on your face'!!  See, I am a creature of habit - which is why I REALLY like everyone picking up at the same time and same day!!  Oi!

SECOND to go home was 'Gunny', actually named Ogunquit.  How neat that he has his mommy's 'nickname'.

Next, came Marley.  I am sure Marley is entertaining the family.  :+)

I am told that mom, Amanda, has a whole lot of pink at their house now that Violet has joined their male dominant family!

Ziggy is this family's third ADNE Labradoodle.  Their daughter hopes to use him for therapy work.
Today was Sunny's pick up day!  He is already home and I am sure has a soccer game to go to!  

Both Sunny and Ziggy were here for an extra week and became very close to each other.  They had the best time running around and enjoying the outdoors.  They also became good neighbors with Charlotte's litter that joined them in the Pup Room.  Once Ziggy was picked up this morning, I thought Sunny would become sad and lonely.  I had to clean up the Pup Room to make more space for Charlotte's litter, so set up my portable x-pen and put them in it.  Sunny kept running round and round the pen trying to get in, so I finally put him inside with them.  You can see he was truly enjoying himself and time just flew by!  Sunny had to say 'goodbye' as we needed to head out for his pick up.

Hopefully, everyone is doing well and adjusting.  You all know you can call or email me any time if you have a question or concern.  I am looking forward to pics from all of you now!   

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