Monday, May 14, 2018

Today was their first 'turf' experience!

Yesterday was a great day to use my disinfectant sprayer on the turf yard.  I had hoped today would not rain until later and so far, that is the prediction.

I fed the pups and then opened their pen door and left it open to see how soon they would realize that they could come out.  Pink and Yellow girls were the first.  (I knew it would be the girls).  :+)

Leaving the door to the outside pens open, I just waited on the ramp with my cup of tea.  I didn't call them, I just kept moving up and down the ramp as they watched.  Brown Boy was yelling his head off because he hadn't figured out yet how to get out of the pen.  :+) 

When most were outside (Brown Collar figured it out), I just walked around waiting for them to explore and finally get into the turf area.  The following pics show what happened after that:

Hmmmmmmm... lots of male 'smells' here.

Pups love branches and sticks.

Loved exploring the tunnel!

'Hello, I am Brown Collar Boy.  Who are you?'

'Look what is in here!'

'Am I under a bridge?'

Loving the space (and wrestling).

'Tickets, please!'

'I don't think I can spin this with my mouth'.

Gunny is playing 'pup sitter' while Charlotte is visiting with her guardians.  :+)

As you can see, it took no time at all for them to totally enjoy themselves with all the fun toys and space.  None of them showed any fear at all and just investigated and explored. 

After about 45 minutes or so, I put them in the small outdoor pen and they all had a big drink and went to nap under the igloo.  Happy pups.  :+)


  1. These pups have the life! My fifth graders love your captions, Joyce. Spring fever in the classroom? Just a bit.

  2. Yes, I sure hope Spring is here to stay! Glad I could give your classroom a chuckle or two. :+)

  3. Love to see them playing outside. Mighty dogs indeed!