Wednesday, May 2, 2018

News hot off the press! (DAISY X WYATT)

Daisy has decided to come into heat a full month early! Yikes!!  I have already notified Wyatt's guardian that I will need his services sooner than expected and Wyatt is ready and willing. 

This will be a match up that should produce incredible pups with regard to temperament.  Both Daisy and Wyatt have stellar personalities and solid testing scores.  These will be good size dogs at maturity - I would guesstimate 30 to 40 lbs.  Both have Lab-type physiques, Wyatt more so than Daisy.

Regarding coats:  Puppies from this breeding WILL NOT have the soft, cottony or fleecy coat that most Australian Labradoodles have.  It will be a mixture of types - some may be short and hairlike (Wyatt); while others will have length and wave (Daisy).  Let me stress that NEITHER of these doodles shed!  Coat length or curl has nothing to do with shedding - DNA genes do.

Most breeders would not do this type of mating but I don't breed 'clones' like the AKC breeders do. I breed hybrids for diversity, temperament and conformation.  It is my mantra.  If you want clones, you don't want a doodle from me - many breeders to choose from all over the USA. Keep searching.

If you are wanting a pleasant, loving, snugly, intelligent companion from thoroughly tested parents...I can provide that.  :+) 

Please, do not waste your time or mine if the looks of either doodle parent is not to your liking. I do not take offense because 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.  I have always adored the looks of Tramp from the famous movie and now I have my very own in Wyatt - including his wisdom and willingness to please.  Also, who would not love to have a true 'moppet' in their lap?  That is Daisy.  If these descriptors please you, this is the litter to be on. 

From this mating, I expect a variety of colors as well.  It will include black, chocolate, cafe and creams.  As always, Mother Nature decides what I get and how many of each.  Please note, if you are not on board for all colors, please pass.  Assignments are done based on temperaments, not color.  I will also be keeping two pups from this mating to add to my program.  Local guardians homes will be needed so, read about this opportunity and inquire!

Daisy in full coat - about 4 to 5 inches long.
Daisy's coat does not require constant grooming appointments but does need weekly comb outs.

Wyatt Slurp has a short, non shedding not quite 'terrier' coat. Wyatt's
coat is 'wash and wear'.  He needs minimal grooming appointments.


  1. Aw, these are going to be some awesome puppies!

    1. I am counting on it. Should be as great as the one you are getting a pup from! Wyatt is the man!!

  2. HIllary is over the moon!!!! Indeed Professor Wyatt is the man. AND sweet Daisy is above and beyond!👍👍👏👏👏😉

  3. I certainly am not disappointed with the Charlotte x Wyatt litter! Gorgeous pups!

  4. I can’t wait to see what this match produces! Both of these doodles are primo!