Monday, May 7, 2018

My little DUCKIE is six months!

Oh goodness!  This little man is just 'duckie'!  Fifteen pounds of adorable!!  I bet if he gets to 20 lbs, that would be pushing it.  I had been searching for quite some time for another miniature male stud hopeful now that Lil Abner is retired.  Happily, this little boy became available and the big bonus was that he is a chocolate and tan phantom that also carries for the parti gene - that made me smile.

Although I had named him Credence, I decided to change it to DUCKIE MALLARD and he lives with another ADNE stud named Phineas T. Barnum and they get along great.  Big brother shows him the ropes and provides protection from creatures big and small that might scare Duckie.

Lucky little pup also gets to join his friends weekly at his day care facility and they all love him there.  A friendly, willing to please kind of guy (definitely food motivated) he certainly is growing up happy and loved.  Let's keep asking the testing angels to gift him with great results in a few more months.  :+)

Showing off his patches of white on his chin and chest.  You can also barely see his tan phantom markings on his feet and spread lightly over his cheeks.  When he is trimmed up, it will show up more.  His silky curls are sooo soft!

If you make the pic larger, you can see his gorgeous green eye.  He does have two of them!  :+)


  1. I love the drip of white "paint" down his chin and chest.

  2. He is a little cutie. Those white markings had me at his birth pics. I adore abstract markings.