Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clara had 3 pups this afternoon! I believe she is finished

but I will be thrilled if another makes it's way into the world. Clara is resting comfortably at the moment. She had a bit to eat and drink and the pups are nursing contentedly.

There were two boys and a girl. I suspected a small litter and was right. Although the boys will more than likely turn out magnificent, I want to keep a girl from this pairing. That leaves only the boys for homes. There were no parti colored pups, but the two boys do have a bit of white on their chests, heads, toes, etc. They will be adorable.

Thankfully, most of you were flexible with wanting a pup from either litter.

So, one down with just one more to go! I bet Olive rings in the New Year with her brood!!!

I will upload pics tomorrow. :+)

Maybe today.....

Clara does not want to eat and she is resting comfortably in her 'nest'. Her temperature has finally dropped to 98 degrees which is a big indicator that whelping is very close.

I bet I should have some news to share within 24 hours! :+)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Clara's x-ray shows what I expected - a small litter.

Typically an early ultra sound proves that a dog is pregnant. Yes, you can count puppies, but it is difficult to make an accurate count. I typically back up the u/s with an x-ray later in their pregnancy. Because of Clara Belle's late breeding, I suspected she would have a small litter and made the decision to breed Olive for puppies to be born a bit later than Clara's.

My plan is to also pick a 'breeding pup' from each litter as a prospect for later inclusion in my program. It is a prerogative many breeders use to assure themselves of future stock.

At the moment, there should be enough pups for all my Clara/Olive applications. Some of you may need to switch to Olive's list, if gender, color or litter size don't match up from Clara. In any event, pups will be going home in either early March (Clara) or early April (Olive). Spring is a great time for bringing a pup into your household!

I plan to bred Maple in January, if she stays on schedule. Maple's pups should be ready for homes sometime in June. Her list is open at this time.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated. :+)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clara Belle is here for her 'maternity stay'.

Clara Belle arrived last night and is very comfortable at her birthplace. :+)

Today, I decided to give her a clipping for easy cleaning during her whelp. It will also allow the pups to nurse without getting tangled up in long fur. Due to the late breeding, I am not expecting a large litter from Clara, but I know there are a few in there!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A 'Cinder-fella' story (and important facts)

Coriander's 'fairy tale' began under a haystack in South Carolina. I am told this is a common home environment for dogs raised with some breeders located there, but it is NOT an acceptable home for any of our furry companions.

Coriander was two years old when Ocean State Labradoodles and I decided to 'wave our wands' and whisk him away from his barn-yard hay pile to hopefully participate in our stud programs. When I picked him up at the airport, he looked like a tumbleweed with a Mohawk strip on his head! Oh my!!! He let me scrub, cut, trim and clip for hours and days with nary a complaint. I was blown away by this guy's pliable temperament - absolute putty.

Since he lived outside, Coriander had never been indoors nor socialized very well as a pup. Neither did he know what a toy was or how to play ball. After a couple of months of 'home environment socialization' he showed much promise and eventually was offered up for a guardian home placement. Lucky for us, one of my past Labradoodle owners wanted to add him to their household and continue to socialize him.

After a bit, I decided to mate Coriander with Maple Sugar. It was important that we know if Coriander had a genetic flaw or if the typical 'joy of life' that most Cockapoos have was environmentally stagnated. Thankfully, his genetics are solid and the litter from Maple x Coriander were delightful in every way. (please click on the Maple x Cori link located on the Index for the entire blog on this mating)

Today, Coriander excitedly chases a ball, loves the water and is an exuberant explorer in the woods when taken to parks and rivers. He loves all other dogs but still needs time to warm up to strangers. He has come such a long way from being 'the dog that wanted to hide' to jumping up on my car door woofing with glee that Olive came for a date. :+)

Puppies that have a loving and stimulating environment learn confidence very early. Coriander did not have this opportunity and had to be introduced to the world beyond his 'kennel'. Coriander's great strides from 'hayseed to explorer' is a shining example that many obstacles can be overcome with a gentle hand and a lot of patience. I can't thank Carina and Aaron enough for being Coriander's 'Fairy Godmothers'.


A docked tail is common for Cockapoos. For Coriander, it just means that he must wag his ENTIRE back end to express his delight and he does so at every opportunity. He has lovely confirmation and is slightly larger than most of his brethren. His boning is outstanding.

Coriander's expression is calm and gentle. A testament to his sweet nature.

I love his broad muzzle, perfect bite and clean, tear-stain free eyes. He has never had an ear infection which is quite uncommon for a 'floppy eared' dog and is a nice bonus to his overall quality testing results.

I could not resist adding this black and white pic sent by his guardians. It gives you a great shot of him in a much longer coat. :+)

If you really do your research and ask a lot of questions, reputable breeders who are willing to educate, will divulge that Cockapoos/Spaniels are an integral component of the Australian Labradoodle's make-up. Without them, the chocolate color would not have 'joined' our color list. Nor would the smaller versions of the Australian Labradoodle been available. Yes, Toy or Mini Poodles do bring down the size but many of these matings produce tiny and fragile structures. The use of the Cockapoo Hybrid and pure Spaniels brought much needed bulk to the conformational development of both the small and medium sized Australian Labradoodles.

What do I expect from the mating of Coriander to our ebony Australian beauty, Olive? Puppies with bright and inquisitive minds; wonderfully broad heads and sturdy bodies with easy to manage 'low to non' shedding coats. Let's not forget the compliant natures of both parents and those lovely soulful eyes. We could have solid colors or a myriad of coat patterns such as parti, sable or abstracts.

Whelping always has a surprise or two and I look forward to ringing in the New Year holding Olive's paws and coaching her if needed. I hope you will join us in this adventure.

Olive Oyl.