Thursday, May 31, 2018


It is getting close folks!

Right now, they are all playing in the pup room where it is cool.  Jaiga still needs his e-collar on but so far, Auggie hasn't.  I watch them often, so if Auggie starts going after his incision, it will be put back on his head.

They all ate breakfast with exceptional vigor this morning and enjoyed being outside in the turf area for a bit of play.  They will have lunch soon and then be in the small pen for the afternoon.  It will be cool there as I sprayed it earlier to cool the stones off and to keep it clean.

Visitors for Auggie this afternoon, so the pups all get to enjoy some company.

Would you believe that Lincoln is now the heavyweight in the group?  9 lbs.

Frosty weighs 7 lbs. this week. Does she look like she is praying?.  So demure.

Miss Jazzie needed a booster seat for her photo.  She kept escaping down the slide!  Such a happy girl!  5  1/2 lbs.

Auggie's owners are coming today.  He is 8.7 lbs. of lovable.

Jaiga is the smallest male at 7.2 lbs.  He doesn't look  or act smaller than his bros though!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pups are back home and doing great! (Charlotte x Wyatt)

We had a lot of driving to do today and the initial drive to the vets this morning was somewhat noisy.  They all had something to say.  Maybe they don't like being in the back of the car; or maybe the window view was limited, or better yet - the cushion they were on was not comfortable.  Oi!  However, no pup threw up, salivated or pottied - that made me smile. 

Anyway, once at the vets, they were perfectly happy to run around and pee on the vet's floor. Thank you pups for not peeing on the cushion in the car.  :+)  They had their surgical exam which includes listening to their heart, feeling for patellae displacement, looking into their mouths, ears and a general going over structurally.  Blood will be taken to be sure there are no liver or kidney concerns and they were micro chipped while under the anesthesia.

I picked them up around 3:45 pm and the ride home was much more quiet as they were still a bit sleepy.  Each was brought in the house individually to eat a small amount of food, offer water and the boys' had soft e-collars put on because they were wanting to lick their surgical site.  So far, the girls are being good.  Noah was NOT a happy camper being the only one here and gave me an earful!  He was very happy when his siblings arrived.  All is well.

My 'motley' crew!
Right around 7 pm, I will let them outdoors to eat their dinner and potty.  By 8 pm, they will be back into the Pup Room for the rest of the night.  They will then be in the small pen outdoors because it has limited space for running or jumping.  I don't like to keep them inside if  the weather is nice. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A few pics today before they go for their surgeries tomorrow.

It certainly was a hot day here today after having very 'chilly' weather for a bit!  The pups enjoyed resting under the pup room fan, sleeping in the shady pen outdoors and also the freedom of running around on the turf.

I just took some random pics of them for you to peruse.  :+)

'Lunch was delicious, thanks!'

'Is there air conditioning out here?  I am hot!'

'Just relax and stay chill.'

'I need to find some shade.'

'I'm not hot, are you hot Blue Ball?'

"Where IS my fan?"

'It is TOO hot to wrestle, guys!'

'This heat makes me sleepy'.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Temperament Testing is finished.

Several of you were contacted via the phone and were pleased with your assignment.  All pet pups have now been happily placed.

The entire litter, as a whole, received accolades from my trainer.  Fine tuning each pup for my clients was a bit more of a challenge as it always is.  Mother Nature is not always kind or fair and someone will always be disappointed but I am not working with stuffed animals - REAL puppies require a thoughtful and careful thought process.  Selling puppies is not my 'business'; placing pups in quality, loving homes is.

Puppy assignments:
  • Yellow Collar Female to the Staudacher Family. Named Sundog's Mighty Frosty aka Frosty.
  • Red Collar Male to the Witherbee Family officially named August Grant-Witherbee - better known as "Auggie" 
  • Choc/Wht. Male assigned to the Arnold Family - His name is Jaiga pronounced 'Jay Ga'.
  • Pink Collar Female - placed with the Smith Family. Her name is Jasper Bear aka Jazzie.
  • Brown Boy has been assigned to the Kingston Family.  His name is Lincoln.
I know many people are away or visiting family on this holiday weekend!  Wish the weather was better.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


As the week to pick up ramps upwards, I was out early this morning capturing the right sunlight for this week's pics.

The pups are up early - about 5:30 am and ready to begin their day!  I am still pretty sleepy at that time and get them outdoors to run around a bit while I get their breakfast doled out.  I now feed them in separate bowls instead of the 'flying saucer pan' that they shared.  Amazingly, all of them eat their serving without too much jostling. I will also post pics later of them getting some socialization with a family. 

Besides having visitors, the pups love it when Gunny goes out to play with them.  She really shows them who is boss and how to show respect - a valuable lesson for young pups.

Red Boy - The heartiest  and biggest of the litter.  Weighs 8 lbs today.  He loves to eat!

Yellow Collar Girl is 6 lbs. today. Looking more and more like her daddy. Loves to play but is very respectful and sweet.

The mini in the litter.  So 'clown-like' and adorable.  Pink Collar Girl weighs 5  1/4 lbs.

Choc/Wht. Parti Boy is 6  1/4 lbs. of solid muscle.  Curious and playful - loves to wrestle.

Noah Wylie weighs 7  3/4 lbs. The name Noah means 'comfort'.  He is very generous with this quality.
Guardian Home candidate.

Later in the afternoon, visitors came and enjoyed spending about an hour patting and holding pups as they went from person to person anticipating gentle hands and soft kisses.  :+)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Just enjoying the playground and beautiful weather! (Charlotte x Wyatt)

We have a lot going on here with some 'rejuvenation projects' both inside and outside.  The pups are hearing sanders, chop saws, tractors and hammers banging.  Amazingly, they still take naps outside in their small pen during the mayhem.

When refreshed, they take to the toys and each other!

I brought out a small tub and put in about 3" of water.  Pups were interested, but Pink Girl thought it was a great big bowl to drink from!

Brown Collar was not sure about those plastic balls.

They love these tires.

Yellow takes after her mom with balls.

This girl likes squeaky toys!

Parti Boy likes wrestling.

I love that this rope unfurled as it gives several pups a good tug toy!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Charlotte says 'Goodbye' to her babies.

Charlotte has enjoyed her stay here at ADNE but it was time for her to return to her guardians who are very happy to have her back.  This was Charlotte's last litter and her contract has been completed and she could not have done a better job.  :+)

Very happy all went well with the delivery, feeding, raising and weaning of this litter.  Soon the pups will be with their families.  Are you prepared??

'See ya later, little ones!'  I am off to retirement!

We also had visitors today that the pups enjoyed very much, especially Brown Collar Boy.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

SIX WEEKS - Charlotte x Wyatt litter.

We now have a bunch of little doggies rolling, jumping, hopping and tripping you wherever you walk.  You really can't take a step without a 'puppy bodyguard'!  :+)

They spend a lot of time outdoors playing and napping.  I feed them outdoors too on different surfaces so that they are very versatile with what and where they have food.  I have just started sprinkling Life's Abundance on top of their wet food so that their digestive juices begin to recognize it.  In about a week or so, they will be eating Life's Abundance exclusively.  Be sure to go to my AnnaBlog link to order this food for your pup!  You want to be sure it is there BEFORE puppy comes home.  Also, don't forget to purchase your Snuggle Puppy (online only).

Brown Collar Boy - 6  1/2 lbs.
Hoping this boy joins my program in a guardian home setting.  If anyone is interested, please contact me.
I would still like him to be included in your preferences just in case I change my mind!

Pink Collar Girl is the smallest pup.  She barely makes the needle move past 4 lbs.
It would be great if a customer would allow me to have just one litter with her. A savings to you!
Pink Girl is sweet, curious, smart and has great eye contact.  A social butterfly is a good description of her. 

Yellow Collar Girl is 5 lbs. this week.  You can already see her color changing to a 'lavender'.
She could also be developing the same 'elegant' greying that her daddy has.  Why is it people think men look so
distinguished when their grey hairs show up; but women are considered 'dowdy'?  I have never understood this.

Robust Red Collar Boy is tied with his bro below at 6  1/2 lbs.  His coat is dense, lush and soft as cotton.
He is a quiet sort of guy.  Loves to cuddle and be cuddled.  When tired from all the activity,
he just finds a quiet place and takes a nap!

Choc/Wht Parti Boy is a glutton like his bro above.  Weighs 6 1/2 lbs. When I pick him up from
a meal, his tummy feels like a sack of grain - heavy!  He loves to play though and
is usually a willing partner for most anything.  

Thanks for the puppy socializing, Roz!

As always, the pups love it when visitors come to give them lots of attention.  Pats, kisses, belly rubs, cuddling all make them so happy.  Of course, there is some nibbling but they ARE puppies!  Keeping shoes, boots, toys and precious belongings off the floor will curtail that in time.  I would also not allow nibbles on fingers - cute now, not so cute later.  :+)

Regarding Yellow Collar Girl - I wanted to put up this pic of the litter's daddy to clue clients as to how she will change.  My best guess is that she will most definitely favor Wyatt with the manner of how her coat color will change. What I can't guarantee is IF she will actually turn to lavender which is a clearer color that changes the entire body.

This is Wyatt and you can see how his face changed but not his body so much.

This is Wyatt and you can see how the color on his face is both grey and chocolate.  His body is still a light brown.

This is Rumple and he is a lavender.  He was chocolate but diluted all over to this shade.

Chocolates are a variety of colors in the brown range from deep brown, to a cafe which is like a brown with a 'frosting' of silvery grey hairs to a lavender that almost has a 'bluish/silver hue'.  No breeder can guarantee what version any chocolate pup will mature to. 

I just want everyone to know this can happen so there are no surprises!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Today was their first 'turf' experience!

Yesterday was a great day to use my disinfectant sprayer on the turf yard.  I had hoped today would not rain until later and so far, that is the prediction.

I fed the pups and then opened their pen door and left it open to see how soon they would realize that they could come out.  Pink and Yellow girls were the first.  (I knew it would be the girls).  :+)

Leaving the door to the outside pens open, I just waited on the ramp with my cup of tea.  I didn't call them, I just kept moving up and down the ramp as they watched.  Brown Boy was yelling his head off because he hadn't figured out yet how to get out of the pen.  :+) 

When most were outside (Brown Collar figured it out), I just walked around waiting for them to explore and finally get into the turf area.  The following pics show what happened after that:

Hmmmmmmm... lots of male 'smells' here.

Pups love branches and sticks.

Loved exploring the tunnel!

'Hello, I am Brown Collar Boy.  Who are you?'

'Look what is in here!'

'Am I under a bridge?'

Loving the space (and wrestling).

'Tickets, please!'

'I don't think I can spin this with my mouth'.

Gunny is playing 'pup sitter' while Charlotte is visiting with her guardians.  :+)

As you can see, it took no time at all for them to totally enjoy themselves with all the fun toys and space.  None of them showed any fear at all and just investigated and explored. 

After about 45 minutes or so, I put them in the small outdoor pen and they all had a big drink and went to nap under the igloo.  Happy pups.  :+)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

More visitors this past week. :+)

The puppies and I love meeting all the new owners.  Fortunately, the weather was good and we could be outdoors in their pup pen.

Although this family has allergy issues, they did fine.

Retirement is just the perfect match for a new companion!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Now they are truly acting like puppies!!! They have teeth, run, climb, chase and wrestle with abandon.  Each day that it does not rain, they are outdoors in their pen enjoying the sunshine, birds and toys.  They love watching the bigger doodles run around chasing balls and each other.  Many days, they also eat outside.  They have a little 'igloo' house where they like to snuggle on a pad for their naps.  All is good.  :+)

We had a lot of people in and out today for various reasons but I did manage to get a carriage ride in with the pups.  It is important for them to hear cars and trucks going by and get use to the sounds.  We will go on more as the weather is nice and I need the exercise!! 

Today's pics were outside.  I had to keep switching spots to stay out of the blinding sun but the pups did not mind at all.  Actually, they all wanted to run around which made taking the pics challenging to say the least.

Visitors have been coming and we have two appointments tomorrow and another on Saturday.  Lots of socializing going on which is great.  Call or email any time to schedule a visit.  :+)

You do all know to click the pics to make them larger, right???

Yellow Collar Girl is so sweet.  The only one that was still for her photo.  4  3/4 lbs.

Red Collar Boy wanted to climb, roam or roll during his segment!  5  3/4 lbs.

Brown Collar Boy was having a ball checking out every leaf, stick or plant.  5  1/2 lbs.

All Pink Collar Girl wanted to do is keep coming to me.   3  3/4 lbs.

Choc/Wht Parti Boy, well...wanted to party!  4  3/4 lbs.

The outside pen has plenty of room for outdoor furniture and toys.  We also put in a swing so I can be in there as well as visitors to play with pups easily.  I love swinging with one of them on my lap. 

Here are some pics of them in it.

Developing muscles!

Emerging from a nap.

Come and get it!

Pups LOVE this tunnel.