Thursday, March 31, 2011

About Chaplin, our new mini stud..... updated pics and news

Officially named 'Shelby Avenue Charlie Chaplin', we prefer the call name of 'Chaplin'. I think it is pretty obvious why the name but for those too young to know of the real Charlie Chaplin, he was a mega star in the era of silent movies. He was a very small man that always wore a tux type suit of black with a white shirt and always a black top hat. A huge comedian of his time. This name just jumped at me when I saw this little boy. :+)

Chaplin as a newborn. Already the joker as he is the only pup showing his rear rather than his head!

At 9 days old, his shiny, fleece coat is showing promise.

Three weeks old and all bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

What a beautifully balanced head at 4 weeks old.

The ears start perking up at 5 weeks. A good thing - as more air is allowed in and could prevent ear infections.

At six weeks, the quality of his fleece coat is quite evident.

Seven weeks and showing his passive side.

His 8 week old 'cameo' shot.

Here he is at 10 weeks.

Showing great promise at 12 weeks.

At 18 weeks, Chap was prelim hip tested with great results - OFA prelim Excellent with a PennHIP score of 80% - a fabulous example of solid hips. Additionally, several of his direct littermates also scored with high marks which shows great strength in his lines.

This is Chap at 5 & 1/2 months. I just combed his non-shedding curls. He has a perfect topline with a nice tailset. At this time he weighs 16 & 1/4 lbs. and is 14 inches tall. Chaplin....I believe you are going to be a star in your own right!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are one week old and growing like the crocus! (Maple x Rumple)

Since Olive's litter left, it is very quiet around here. A nice change for a little bit. I still have Figgy and just picked up a cutie patootie new mini stud to keep her company for a while. You can feel the difference in the atmosphere here though - sort of like when you change the furniture in a room - gives a new 'feeling in the air'. :+)

Anyway, Maple Sugar has been doing an outstanding job with her litter of eight and they are plump little monkeys! Their eyes and ears are still shut tight but they sure scramble about the whelping pen and zero in on mom like lasers. They are a content bunch. These are their one week old pics that I sent you in the emails, but I think I can finally manage to get pics on the AnnaBlog - FINALLY!

Stripe Collar Boy is a bit on the heavy side at 1.52 lbs. I love his nicely balanced facial markings. He has less apricot spotting than his sister and this is considered an 'open' pattern in the parti world explained by the larger percentage of white on his body.

This boy (Green Collar) has a really shiny, silky coat. He is like black patent leather. At the moment he is also the smallest pup in the litter weighing 1.22 lbs.

I was so happy when the last pup of the litter was another girl. Teal Collar is really appealing to me with her darker apricot coat. I kept two slots open for me to consider for breeding stock.

Red Ribbon Boy has the cutest white chin and white on his back toes. I think he will have some curl to his coat as well but don't hold me to that! He weighs 1.36 lbs.

Now here is a bruiser! The first pup born and the fattest weighing in at 1.74 lbs. at one week old. He has a lovely apricot coat along with a nice large head.

This is Pink Collar Girl and she is a dainty thing. I believe she will have a nice fleecey coat with some curl in it. Rumple tends to be quite dominant in the coat department and throws his type on many of my puppies which is such a nice contribution for him to do. :+)

Here is Orange Collar Girl and she has more color in her parti coat. Again, that wonderfully balanced pattern on her face which is what I like to breed for. I was very fortunate to have nicely marked faces on all three of the partis born. She weighs 1.32 lbs.

So hoping this boy (Black Collar) fulfills my expectations. I would love to add a black and white parti to my lines. Being such a task master though, he will have to be 'a cut above the rest'. He weighs 1.40 lbs.

I say 'Goodbye' to Olive x Coriander's litter.......

It is always such a long wait but always worth it - at least according to my reports from very happy clients!

The smiles day it all. Oliver was the perfect fit for the Szabla family. Sweet, calm, intuitive and a gentleman all the way. I love it when all the pieces fit so well.

When Delilah (Rainbow Girl) was picked up by her family, dad said 'I have never seen Jennipher so happy or excited'. I was so very pleased to hear that. Thank you all for embracing this spirited little girl!

The Papell's girl, Bali (Rose Girl) joins a family full of woman. The dad's only request was that he be able to name the new female addition. Would you believe he named her after their honeymoon in Bali? How romantic is that? Kudos to you, Michael - you rock! :+)

P. Newman (Teal Boy) is thrilled to be with his owners. Tracey has emailed that he is having a blast with the kids and playing hard and sleeping well. They are loving him. To get reports like this makes my day. Tracey's sister came with her to pick Newman up and said 'you should have bought two'! I like her sister. :+)_

The Hunt's are enjoying Oscar (Orange Boy) so much, they are already thinking of another. I did mention that they should wait a bit. Of course, I would be delighted to add to their 'collection'. Labradoodles are soooo addictive. :+)

The first to go was the last one to be sold. The family has been on vacation when all the emails and phone calls transpired. Their very trustworthy friend came to pick up Dash (Blue Boy) so that he would be there waiting for his new family when they arrived the next day. Great guy to drive all those hours and tend to Dash's needs. :+) The family has called me saying 'he is beyond their expectations'. What a nice thing to say.

Figgy has her local guardian home and they are simply thrilled with her. I knew Figgy would fit their lifestyle like a glove. :+) It would have been nearly impossible for anyone to not fall in love with Figgy Puddin'. Everyone is very happy. Thanks, Crystal and Jim!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Olive's pups love their kitchen time!

There favorite spot is right here. Figgy is lifting her nose towards the sink where I keep defrosting the meat.

Oscar, sitting pretty.

Newman is quite content laying about.

Bali focused on me. :+)

Checking out that 'nice smelling' corner.

Oliver and Delilah snuggling.

Oscar and Dash (Blue Boy is finally named!).

Huckleberry 'Finn' - now changed to 'Dash' is peeking around the corner.

Oscar trying to get something started with Oliver, who WAS sleeping.

'Good Night' says Figgy.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday began......

with a telephone call from Maple's guardian. Kate thought that Maple should probably come today to begin her 'maternity' stay at Annabelle Doodles. :+) Maple arrived panting and shivering, telltale signs of an impending delivery.

After the usual ruckus with my resident doodles, she fit right in and would go outside with them. This is a shot of her prior to whelping. She looks uncomfortable to say the least.

There were numerous hours of 'needing to use the toilet'. All day long and half of the night. Then at the midnight bell, contractions started......

The litter started arriving at 12:30 and kept on coming.

It ended somewhere around 5 AM. What a lovely litter. :+) Gorgeous silky coats and I just adore all those 'black patent leather shoe look-a-likes'!
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Maple's group not even a day old.

Maple's litter is doing just fine. I know I am looking forward to a nap today. :+)

This is Blue Boy - 8.1 ozs. He weighs the most in the group.

Stripe Boy came second and was a nice 'parti' surprise. He has an 'open' pattern and is 7.2 ozs. An Open Parti just means there is more white than a 50% split.

Red Boy soon followed and weighed in at 6.2 ozs.

Another black male appeared and I was thrilled! Green Boy is the smallest pup at 5.2 ozs.

Finally, my first girl arrived weighing 5.8 ozs!

Then I was jumping for joy when this lovely black parti male was born. I have been hoping for a pup with this type of marking. If he grows well, he will be a guardian home candidate. 6.8 ozs.

My third parti in the litter arrived right after Black Boy and is darker than her similarly colored brother. Orange Girl is a full parti marked pup and weighed in at 6.2 ounces.

Last to arrive, in the wee hours of the morning, was my 'caboose' girl. Teal arrived after I had a two hour nap. She is a lovely rich apricot and is 6 ozs.

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