Wednesday, October 27, 2010


You are one year's old today! I hope everyone is as happy today as they all were when you picked up your new baby one year ago.

:+) Joyce

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Although I did send out an email to as many past clients as possible, some of you have changed emails or I no longer have correct ones, so am posting here as well.

Although Blue Buffalo makes a very good food, mistakes happen and they are being accountable - a rare thing in this greedy world we live in. So, if this is a food you serve your doodle, check the bag and be sure it is not on the list in this link! If it is, keep an eye on your doodle and take him/her to the vet if anything seems 'off' and contact Blue Buffalo. They will replace the bag of food and take care of your vet bills if your doodle should be ill.

Here is the link:


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Could it be 'morning sickness'?


Clara Belle's guardians called me this morning to ask a couple of questions and to tell me that the poor girl appears to have had a bout of morning sickness. This sounds very promising to me and I should have verification if she is indeed pregnant by the end of the month. :+)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where is Phineas T. Barnum?

As I was looking over the AnnaBlog today, I realized there were some posts about the Clara Belle x Chico litter in regards to Phin!

Phineas lives in a guardian home about an hour from me and I met up with them a couple of months ago and finally had my camara with me. He is a stunner! On top of that, early prelim testing has been excellent. If his testing scores continue to excel, he will be added to our stud program.

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I also have these cute pics of him with his 'owner'. :+) He was younger here.

I hope all of you are as pleased with their puppy as this little girl seems to be! :+)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Felix (RETIRED) arrives for the weekend. :+)

I was delighted to have Felix visit as his new guardians were busy attending a soccer game marathon locally. Plus, I wanted to give him a trim and a bath now that we were positive of his placement. He was a gem the whole time, going outside to potty, staying in the tub for his bath and being brave when I used the clippers on him. He had a marvelous time wrestling and tugging on all the girls and they enjoyed him as well.

He is a black carbon copy of his maternal grand-daddy, Rumple and a total lovebug.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clara Belle meets Clifford.

Clara Belle (cut short from her summer water escapades) had no idea, I picked her up to have a 'blind date'. She noticed Clifford standing sniffing the wind (her 'perfume', I bet) and thought.....'hmmmmm nice looking guy'.

Clifford, on the other hand, was quite impressed with Clara Belle's lovely curls and intriguing dark eyes.

They introduced themselves at the motel. Clara Belle was acting very 'coquettish', and Clifford wanted her to come closer so he could whisper sweet nothings into her pretty apricot ears.

They decided to leave the wining and dining indoors and go dancing. Try as he may, Clifford could not quite win the hand of very stubborn Clara Belle.

It was determined to let Mother Nature take a backseat and have Dr. Truesdale use his magic for artificial insemination. Both were willing participants in this procedure. Hopefully, in a month's time, we will know if the A.I. took. What pretty pups they will be! :+)