Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ms. Sadie Benz is still looking for a Guardian Home.

What a great pup Sadie is. Calm for a girl just 10 weeks of age (8 lbs.).  She is doing very well with sitting in front of you when called and sitting for her meals.  This little girl is a miniature Labradoodle who will be about 25 lbs. at maturity. She is learning to calm down quicker when placed in her crate area. Each night there is less and less objection - maybe 3 minutes.  :+)

I was away for about a week and upon my return, she was cheerful and engaging, not shy or reclusive. Sadie is not a hyper pup but does love attention and cuddles. She likes to play with a ball and loves interacting with all the adult doodles here.

Sadie would truly love another dog to live with but would also acclimate easily with someone who is home and wants furry company. She would do great with well behaved, gentle children. 

Ms. Sadie Benz has a soft, sweet (not timid) temperament and completely settles when held.


  1. No kidding, right? She really is a cutie! :+)

  2. Is 2,585 miles still too far away? ;)

    Such a lovely pup.

  3. Ha, ha. You are just a few miles over my limit!!

  4. Hello Joyce, I am in your area, and was aquainted with your family years ago when my family lived in Berwick. We have always hoped to someday complete our family with an Annabelle Doodle. I would be interested in talking to you about guardianship. Do you have an email where I could write, or is phone contact preferable? Thanks!

  5. I can be reached at 207-676-5579 or email: I would love to talk to you.