Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Daisy's group all content.

Late last night, I took this pic when Daisy went for her outdoor break.  Such a cute pile of contented pups.  :+)

Sort of looks like a pile of assorted chocolates -  Yummy!
Notice how shiny those dark coated pups are?


  1. Adorable! Beautiful shiny coats! Litters are like boxes of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get....great litter. Hope Daisy is feeling better today������

  2. Daisy is doing very well. All pups nursing and she is eating - yummy food in her bowl all the time. Ten is a lot of pups that will truly tax her system so she needs dense, nutritious food at her beck and call to maintain enough milk to feed this brood.

  3. What a sweet grouping. I look at them and think of all the joy they will bring to some lucky families.
    I love them all, but those dark coats really are remarkably lustrous!

    1. I find that is always the case. One of the reasons I am such a 'black coated' doodle fan!