Monday, December 31, 2018

Daisy x Thaddeus Litter's first vet appointment.

Momma Daisy and pups went to visit Broadview Animal Hospital this afternoon at 3 pm.  I always have my pups examined by a vet, along with their momma, to be sure no problems are presenting such as hernias, cleft palates or the like.  Daisy is in good shape but had a slight fever - a common thing after a delivery but I am keeping an eye on her and will re-take her temp after she potties.  I did give her some Colloidal Silver, which is a very gentle holistic antibiotic.  Otherwise, she is eating well, drinking as she should and taking great care of her babies.  :+)

Each pup buyer has been sent an individual email with regard to sending in a deposit if you are positive you want a pup from this mating.  Obviously, if you are not sure, don't send in a deposit!! :+)

Here is wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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