Thursday, December 27, 2018

Daisy's x-Rays!

This morning, I got Daisy brushed and ready for her visit to my vet's office for her x-ray.  I had to readjust her strap on the harness to the very end to fit her belly!

As usual, they had to carry her to the back room for her x-rays because Daisy just is not willing to leave me.  However, she is happy to be carted in some one's arms.  :+)

Although Daisy has been bred before, this was my little Thaddeus' first mating at just over a year of age.  I guess he is one potent boy!  We only bred once but it certainly was enough!

The vet and I believe there are 10, possibly 11 pups packed in there!

Looks like I can take a few more applications for this litter!  Now, we all wait for her to deliver this huge brood.  My vet and I did discuss a possible c-section for so many pups.  However, I truly prefer a natural delivery as Daisy's last litter was ten and they were all born in 2 & 1/2 hours!!  Keeping my fingers crossed she will repeat it.  If there should be any symptom of a problem, I will promptly take her in for a C-section.  I always err on the side of safety for all.

Typically, large litters come a bit early, so maybe Daisy and I will be welcoming in the New Year together.  :+)


  1. Wow Joyce!!! Huge litter! What is YOUR ETA?

  2. Probably New Year's Eve. Could be earlier. I hope it is earlier!

  3. I bet Daisy hopes it is earlier too!

  4. That’s a remarkable number of pups!
    Sending good wishes to sweet Daisy and to you, too :)

  5. Yes it is! Both Daisy and I will need lots of wishes that all goes well. Thanks for your thoughts as always. :+)

  6. Sending positive thoughts that all goes well with the whelp.

  7. And you thought you'd be "safe" not breeding Daisy to Wyatt again! Can wait to see them. <3

    1. Can you believe it? Boy, was I wrong on that thought. Ms. Fertile Myrtle had other ideas.