Saturday, December 22, 2018

Preparing for Daisy's whelp.

I am one of those people that like to be prepared ahead of time.  Hence, Daisy had her 'whelping bath' last night; and this morning I trimmed her down and shaved her belly.  Daisy is such a dear and gave me no complaints or objections.  She enjoyed the gentle brushing and I gave her small treats to show how much I appreciated her cooperation.  :+)

There are four more doodles here that I have to get ready for Christmas, so lots of baths today are on my agenda as the weather is soooo mild!

Daisy is beyond sweet.

You can really see her 'belly' showing in this pic.  On 12/27, we are getting her x-ray done for a pup count.

I must say that several potential customers on Daisy's list are very flexible on gender & color so I am beyond pleased!  Temperament is my FIRST priority so it warms my heart when people feel the same way.

Enjoy the holidays and I hope these pics bring a smile to your face.  Now, to the baths I mentioned.


  1. She is such a beautiful MAMA! She has the best temperament ever! I am so looking forward once again to a new grand pup. HIllary called me this morning and
    commented on what a smart and calm pup Rosie is! Ahhh! Hillary’s family is over the moon waiting for a second pup from Daisy’s litter, especially James!

  2. Daisy looks radiant!
    Thanks for keeping us posted.