Sunday, October 28, 2018

I am breeding Daisy again.

The tides have turned on skipping heats for breeding dogs.  Vet studies strongly recommend you breed back to back and retire early.  Since I don't like to breed my girls past five years of age, I made the decision to breed Daisy to Thaddeus Dood for a spring litter.

My hope is to bring the size down a bit from the Wyatt mating with Daisy.  Thaddeus is a large mini that weighs roughly 26 lbs.  He does have the genetics to produce phantoms but Daisy does not but we could get some with a white chest flash like Thaddeus has.  It will be a rainbow litter of blacks, chocolates and creams.  Mother Nature is always in charge of colors, so please do not get fixated on a particular one.

I really was all set to rebreed Wyatt to Daisy but the thought of possibly having ten medium pups again in the winter had me rethinking my mating strategy.  Furthermore; I need to see if my youngster, Thad has the sperm required for the job!  Best way to know this is to give him a whirl!

We all know about how sweet and gentle Daisy is.  Her coat grows long and flows when she walks.  It is very easy to maintain and I do cut it shorter for swimming in the summer and 'snow plowing' in the winter. Daisy enjoys her babies and is an excellent mother in all ways and is so healthy.

I thought this would be her last litter for ADNE but realized she will be only 'four' next month! Don't know if I will breed her another time after this one. If not, I am very hopeful that her daughters Ms. Sadie Benz and Christie Brinkley will follow in her footsteps.

Now Thaddeus is a full blown 'bachelor'.  He loves hanging around with his guardian, Paul and they are best buds.

Ball throwing and frisbee are part of every day life and then snuggling in his bed near Paul's desk is his daily routine.

Thaddeus is a Black and Cream phantom patterned doodle but you can only see his pattern when he is cut down.  Thad is a handsome lad and I expect some great pups with excellent coats from this mating if it is successful.

Thaddeus is coming to visit with Daisy Thursday morning.  We are hoping for a natural tie but Thaddeus is a 'first timer' and might need some help from the 'experienced' Daisy.  I will update with more news on Thursday.  :+)

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