Tuesday, October 23, 2018

For those willing...some are coming in....:+) PLEASE SEND PICS TO MY EMAIL! THANKS.

I would love to have some Halloween pics of ADNE Doodles sent to me to use for my homepage.

Since I won't have any litters for a while, I would love to put up a cute Halloween pic.  Any takers out there?  If you remember which litter(s) they were from, please add that.  Otherwise, I need to go through all my folders!  Thanks.  :+)

So far I have chosen the following to add to my Home Page rotation:

Phoebe from the Figgy x Dublin mating.

Albus from the Tate x Emmett litter.

Tug as Harry Potter!  Clara Belle x Chico pup.
Rosie from the litter of Charlotte x Keefer

Little Leo from Gunny x Abner with his Halloween kerchief.

MacGregor from the Hazel#1 x Emmett litter.  Love him in orange!

Brinkley - Daisy x Wyatt litter.

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