Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about a guardianship - the benefits and the downfalls.


Brinkley at 11 weeks with a tiny stick in her mouth.  10  3/4 lbs

We are being very diligent in finding the right guardian home for Brinkley. A clone of her mom, Brinkley is a delightful pup!  A guardianship is not for everyone.  It is a relationship that has to be fair to all parties involved - the dog, the guardian and myself.  This is why I prefer someone who works part time, or can bring the pup to work with them or is retired, works from home - you get the picture.

What are the benefits?
  • Pick of the litter puppy!
  • Fully tested at a year that I pay for in full.
  • A much reduced cost ($1,375 that is fully refunded if the dog's testing proves it is a quality breeding candidate.
What are the downfalls?
  • Your doodle needs to come to me for about 7 weeks when she is having and raising her pups.  However, you do have visiting privileges!!
  • There is always the possibility that at a year, the doodle may not pass the testing criteria to my standards. I always want my breeding dogs to be 'a cut above'.  If I should decide that for any reason, this candidate falls short, we will need to decide if you still want the doodle or it be returned to me for a full refund of your initial deposit.  There will be circumstances when I will require the balance of the pet price (an additional $1,375) if the reasons for a non breeding candidate are not a health concern but rather a 'below average' test result that has no impact on the quality of life for the doodle. An OFA 'Fair' IS a passing score, just not for a breeding dog in my program.  Each doodle is an individual and each guardian contract reflects this - they are not duplicates.  
  • Of course, there is more to the contract than what is written above but it is straight forward and easy to understand.  :+)
What is Brinkley like?
  • Brinkley is calm, gentle - does mouth but does not bite.
  • A doodle temperament - smart, easy going, curious, likes people and other animals.
  • Coat is soft, wavy and flowing.  It will need professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • No shedding.
  • Goes to her safe zone and settles very quickly.  Last potty at 10 pm and she is up around 6 am.
  • At 11 weeks, she uses both the potty box and the dogie door very well.  Still makes mistakes but getting better every day.
  • I am taking her on car trips daily and she is adjusting.  She does not vomit or salivate in the car but needs time to settle.  I used both a car harness and a crate.
  • She knows her name and comes and sits; also sits for her food.
  • Brinkley is decent on a leash, still learning.  :+)

If any local family or person is interested in knowing more about this subject, please contact me at 207-676-5579.  Local is defined as being within an hour of my location (North Berwick, Maine) or my vets (Rochester, NH).  

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