Monday, September 10, 2018

Going Home Pics for the Daisy x Wyatt Litter - UPDATED WITH BRINKLEY AT LAST!

Saturday, most of the pups were in the arms of their owners.  We had a perfect day for puppy pick up and everyone that was here had the opportunity to exchange emails to keep in touch.  Thankfully, one of the owners has already created a FB Page so all of you can share stories.  Thank you, once again Liz!  :+)

I also had a pick up on Sunday and again on Monday.  I was also suppose to go to Manchester Airport to bring little Icy to her Flight Nanny, but it was cancelled.  I am now on standby to see when we might be able to finally get Icy to Arizona!

Tonight, I should get a photo from Dante's owners so I will be adding to this group a bit later tonight.  Unfortunately, I still don't have a guardian home for Bella Rue, but she can be added any time and she and Icy are enjoying lots of interactions with mommy, Daisy.

Spot on time was the Schmitt Family to pick up Rosie!  I am told William and Rosie are inseparable.

Happy to add a second ADNE doodle to their family are the Fiesehers!  Thanks for your belief in ADNE.

Chomping at the bit to pick up Liberty Belle, Carol & Alan are thrilled with their girl.  :+)

Cool, calm and collected attract each other...thus Genevieve fits right in with the Lewis Family.

Oh, I see some 'dress up' going on with the Tzitzon girls!  Winston is a gem and would willingly participate. 

What a lucky girl Pippi is...there will be four adults that will lavish all kinds of attention on her.

Another family getting a second ADNE doodle!  Coco and Luna will keep the Xydaki's busy.

Jorge & James with Dante'.  Thanks for the pic guys!!  :+)

Icy picked up at the airport by Deb and Jeff.  What a traveling saga!
Frosty, from Charlotte & Wyatt, joins in her welcome.  :+)

Brinkley is finally with her guardians and all are happy as clams! 
Brinkley is almost 14 weeks in this lovely collage they sent me.  What a great placement.  :+)

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