Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Watching with immense interest.....

Due to the hurricane and over booked planes, Miss Icy is still here keeping Brinkley company.  They play so well together and are also learning how to behave with the adults here.

I have begun grooming my adults which has been sorely ignored when I had the ten pups.  These two just hang around and watch what I am doing or nap.  Very easy keepers.  :+)

Today, my husband is closing our pool and these two were fascinated with the goings on.  There could not be any two pups more different from each other on the coat spectrum!  Fortunately, there are plenty of people who love the easy care 'Wyatt' coat combined with a fantastic temperament.  My  'flat - coated' Australian Labradoodles were a huge hit with my customers, vets and general public.  A 'wash n wear'  Labbish coat is very much appreciated by active families - especially when it is non to minimal shedding!

Icy on left and Brinkley on right.  :+)

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