Thursday, September 13, 2018

BELLA RUE - Guardian Home Candidate!

Well, the whole litter is ten weeks today but I only had to take pictures of one pup that is still available for a home.

Bella Rue is an awesome puppy and I hope will be placed soon; but waiting for a wonderful home is more important than 'any' home.  It always seems to work out and I expect it will this time as well.

Bella has a compliant nature like her mom, Daisy.

Very willing to be put almost anywhere and not be frightened.

Here she is sitting atop of a fake rock 3 feet up and staying as I snap a pic.

Bella Rue has a gorgeous fleece, soft coat and a gentle nature.  I love that she also inherited her mom's 'prancing' walk.  Bella means beauty/beautiful and Rue is an herb described as 'graceful'. Bella Rue embraces her name to a 'T'.  :+)

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