Saturday, September 8, 2018

Daisy x Wyatt litter have begun to go home!

I will post the family pics Monday once Dante and Coco are picked up.

Today the first to go home was Rosie.  Her family was in Africa just a few days ago yet were here right on time to pick her up.  The boys were very excited to meet her knowing she would be traveling with them for another grueling 7+ hour trip to their home.  I am hoping that Rosie will be a good girl tonight so this family can finally have a decent night's sleep!

Then Isaac Newton's owners arrived to take their second boy home from me.  Einstein is now about 11 years old and I hope will enjoy his new 'brother'.

Arriving an hour early was Liberty Belle's 'parents'.  I did not mind as the entire morning was moving along quite well!

Then the final three families for today arrived and we had a nice chat as we went over the booklets.  We all enjoyed watching the pups play outdoors before being packed into their cars for the trip home.  I adjusted harnesses for Genevieve, Pippi and Winston and finally took pics of each one as they left for their new lives.

Tomorrow morning, Coco will be going home.  Dante' will be picked up on Monday morning and Icy, will be around a couple more days as her owner and flight companion make arrangements for me to meet them at one of our airports.  Dante and Icy will then be added to the picture post.  Both will keep Bella Rue company as I wait for a hopeful guardian for her.

Cute pics coming Monday!

NOTE!  A FB page for this group was started by Pippi's family.  If you wish to be a part of it, please go to this link:   Thanks Liz!

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