Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It sure has been busy around here! (Daisy x Wyatt)

We had visitors this weekend because I needed to meet candidates for Pippi.  Then a family that has one of my doodles is getting another one from this litter and it was great to spend some time with them again.

They were trying to decide between Pippi and Teal Girl and finally decided on Teal who is now  'Coco'.

I am sure there other ADNE doodle, Luna will enjoy Coco as much as this family will.

Also this week, the pups have been enjoying their first experience with large bones!  They just loved them and were extremely willing to chew them together or separately.  

How nice that they are sharing.  
Pippi was happy to have quite a large one all by herself.  It was as long as she is.  :+)

I could not resist this one.  A perfect shot of  'many colors'.


  1. Love all the pictures, but I especially love the puppy pile. Nothing sweeter!

  2. Such sweet photos! The last pic is especially adorable!
    What kind of bone Pippi was enjoying? I would like to have some ready for her when she gets home. Thanks.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you (and Pippi!) on Saturday.
    -Liz (Paulette & Bob's daughter)

    1. Hi Liz!

      Pippi was chewing on a beef shin bone that was frozen to kill any possible parasites. Generally, you can find them at butcher shops and some times in markets under 'soup bones'. You definitely want it to be large but have edges that Pip can get her teeth on. If it has too much marrow, scoop it out and give about 1/2 tsp of it in her food, mixed in. Eating too much marrow will give diarrhea, so small amounts. It is very nutritious, so don't throw it out!! :+)