Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Eye exams today! Daisy x Wyatt)

Once again, all these pups did so well on the 40 minute trip to the Canine Ophthalmologist this morning.  Liberty Belle, in particular, loved looking out of the back window of my wagon.  All I could see was her head going back and forth as cars and trees flew by.  :+)  Very cute.

Amazingly all TEN pups passed the eye CAER exam perfectly!  I was so pleased and proud.  Typically, there is always a 'ding' or small imperfection that does not impair vision or anything like that but this time, PERFECTION!

They all did great there and the vet techs came in to take them around as they always do.  While I waited for the drops in their eyes to adjust the pupils, the techs picked their 'favorites' and go around the facility showing them off.  These pups have had so much socialization and they love people.  I am very lucky to have such great families that visit and amazing vets.

Once we were back home, I gave them lunch while I set up a very crude bathing station.  It was hot and I took advantage of giving baths outdoors.  Tomorrow, they go in for their surgeries and I always give baths the day before because they cannot have any baths for ten days after their operations.

I can't say any of them loved it but they were all cooperative enough to get the job done.  :+)

The plastic pool that served me well for a tub.

Rosie was the first 'victim'.

Winston wrapped in a towel after his bath.

Icy in the 'rinse bucket'.  I used hot water from my faucet to make it luke warm for them.

After a quick towel rub, they were put back into the small outdoor pen to dry up a bit.

All of them 'just damp' and wanting to play in the big pup yard.

Winston on the left and Dante on the right.

Rosie enjoying some sun on her clean coat.

Great pic of Genevieve, Coco and Liberty Belle.

Icy happily playing with a toy.

This was the first time I did baths outdoors and it worked out very well.  I will do this again in the future if  Mother Nature complies.


  1. Joyce, so great to hear about Liberty Belle in the car watching the world go by- so curious! Thanks for her post bath photo with her friends. Adorable!

  2. Oh my, they are becoming such individual little doggies now. So so cute!

    Your puppies have such a great start. Thank you so much for all you do for them before they leave.

  3. Carol, we should get Liberty Belle and my Genevieve together for a play date! I’m in Newbury and you’re in Newburyport, right??! 😊🐶

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      Yes! we are in Newburyport. Oh how fun that would be!My contact inormation: (978) 5189527. 23B Johnson St NBPT
      Genievieve is gorgeous!

    2. Terrific!! So happy! I love your new girl! Have a few pictures of Liberty Belle to share with you when I visited them! 💕 My number is (978) 270-6570! 😊