Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Brinkley will be 11 weeks tomorrow! Guardian Home Candidate! 'PLACED!'

Yesterday, through that blinding rainstorm we had, I finally got Icy, Brinkley's sister to the Manchester Airport.  She is finally with her owners in Arizona.  Icy's Flight Nanny was wonderful and made sure Icy had plenty of lap time on her very long flight (with delays due to bad weather) until in her owner's arms late last night.

I expected Brinkley to have a difficult night without her cuddle friend but she settled immediately and went to sleep after her last potty around 9:30 pm.

This morning, she was very happy to mingle with the adults here and especially delighted that Daisy loves to play chase and wrestle with her routinely in the pup yard.

I am now insisting that Brinkley sit before placing her food bowl down and rewarding her with pats and coos when she sits in front of me.  Brinkley uses the dogie door very well but not 100% yet!  I will be getting her use to the car restraint harness system today.  We will visit Tractor Supply for some socialization.  :+)

This is a great pic of her gorgeous coat.

Sitting pretty.

Watching me rake.  

Brinkley and her Snuggle Puppy.  Apologies for the muddy floor but it is still wet here!


  1. Such a beautiful girl! What a coat! I have so enjoyed this litter.

    1. I know you have. It is wonderful getting all the updates on Rosie and family too!

  2. Can you recommend a car harness? I never used one on our other dog and it’s such a great idea to get them used to it early. Thanks!

    1. I like the Roadie, but you can find many types at most pet stores or on a Google search. Best thing to do is go to a store though so it can be a good fit.