Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Surgeries are done! (Wyatt x Daisy)

The day started out early with our ride to the vets once again.  This time on empty stomachs!  I expected a lot of complaining because of their lack of breakfast but they were great.

We arrived and the vet techs went right to work on taking weights (to know how much anesthesia each pup would need) and then off to do blood work to be sure they would each be safe to go under anesthesia.

It was around 5:30 pm when I picked them up - some a bit woozy; a couple a bit sore but otherwise happy to go home.

Once home, I gave each one a bit of food to eat and put them in the small pen outdoors to relieve themselves and have some fresh air.  Then, indoors for the night.  Tomorrow, they will all feel like themselves and want to wrestle and play.  I will need to keep them in the small pen so they have less room to romp.  They WILL be unhappy but will settle eventually as they enjoyed the freedom to go in and out.  Unfortunately, Dante can now climb that fence and does so routinely, so I need to put up a higher fence so contain him!!

Here are a few prior to their surgery.

Now they are in their 'crates' for the evening.

Until pick up day, the pups will be divided into groups but switched up each night.  This introduces them to a 'crate setting'.  It certainly does not mean in any way, they are 'crate trained'!!!

I know you will be in for some yowling for the first few nights - maybe get some ear plugs??

Thankfully, all the pups are doing well and tomorrow is a new day.  I am always so happy when 'Surgery Day' is done and all my furbabies are back home safe. 

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