Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gunny x Lil Abner 'dates'

I am happy to report that our mating pair had two successful 'dates' and I should know if Gunny is pregnant in 30 days.

Lil Abner is such a gentleman and wooed Gunny with gentle sniffs but knows his job and got it done. What was rather funny is that both of them wanted to have 'privacy' and preferred being outdoors in our alley that goes from the pup room to the outside play area. HOWEVER, it has been incredibly cold here and there was no way I would keep them outdoors on frigid cement for 20 minutes! So, myself and a helper picked up both doodles during their 'tie' (the exchange of sperm) and brought them indoors to complete the process.  It was way more comfortable and I am sure appreciated but if my neighbors happened to peek out their window while we physically moved them as 'one unit', I am sure it was a rather bizarre observation.  :+)

Looking forward to sharing positive news in a month!


  1. Looking forward to seeing little Gunny/Abner babies running around.

    Oh my. I can only imagine what the movement of the pair must have looked like. :+)

  2. I was so grateful these are my little guys because if it had been Charlotte and Wyatt in the same situation, it would REALLY have been an eyeful - and perhaps not as easy to do!! My poor neighbors never know what might happen here at the Tabor Homestead! I am sure they are entertained daily. :+)