Friday, December 15, 2017

Well, well, well. Update #1.

About a week or so ago, Daisy began her cycle. I spotted some blood on my floor and checked her. I knew I would be passing on breeding her this time. However, this week, I was seeing bright blood which tells me it is 'new' blood and immediately checked Miss Gunny and she is now cycling!

My plan is to breed Gunny to Lil Abner again as their first litter together was quite lovely and sweet. Maybe the Christmas Spirits will sprinkle some 'magical' dust and a phantom girl might be born! I think I will make some Christmas wishes.  I have been a good girl.  :+)

My guardians for females know how 'lovey - dovey' they become when cycling and this picture just speaks volumes.

Gunny loves to use Carl's 'belly' for a pillow. Both are quite content with the arrangement.

If all goes according to my plan, pups would be expected in mid to late February and go home in early spring.

Update:  The first progesterone test shows she is very early in her cycle. Blows the myth that dogs are ready to be bred when they will stand to be mounted. Daisy Mae and Gunny have had a marathon of 'humping' each other for at least five days now.  Each is hoping the other would 'get the job done'! Oh my!!!  Another test will be done on Friday. Will keep updating.  :+)

Update #2:  Gunny is almost at ovulation; I bet tomorrow's progesterone will show she has met the mark. If this is so, I will be breeding her on Tuesday, Dec. 26th and again on Wednesday the 27th.  :+).  Thank you Christmas angels for allowing us to have an intact Christmas Day! 


  1. Yup, soon I will be in the thick of things. Of course, I bet I will need to breed Gunny Christmas Day - I hope not but it is a possibility. Thankfully, my guardians for Abner will be home for the holidays and are happy to oblige. Whew. Thanks Piper!

  2. Gunny and Abner Find Love on Christmas Day - Sounds like a Hallmark movie, lol. Hopefully, they can postpone the movie by a day.